Northern Conductors day out on Mid Cheshire ….

Posted on June 13th, 2012, by The Chairman

We know the Chester traincrew miss the Mid Cheshire (though not the 142s!) following their transfer to Arriva Trains Wales.

And we’ve always thought that Northern’s conductors like the Mid Cheshire line.

Here’s proof!

Eight Piccadilly conductors and a trainee driver at The Railway Inn, Mobberley having a day out on the Mid Cheshire on the first day of a two day period off. I had my arm twisted (!) to join them for a pint together with my wife, Steff and our dog, Lennie. They’d started earlier in the day at Chester, then to The Goshawk, Mouldsworth and were working back to Manchester.

Next stop The Greyhound, Ashley ….

Good choices, guys!

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