Nelson Peach ride again! ….

Posted on June 15th, 2012, by The Chairman

Last Wednesday evening was a classic music train – with good music, a good atmosphere in the pub and a twilight ride home through the Cheshire countryside after the rain had stopped.

The augmented Nelson Peach (four instead of three) gave us a great range of music, lively jigs on the way out, fine singing in the pub (ending with an evocative performance of ‘Those were the Days’ for those who remember the Sixties) and more variety on the way home (including Doctor Finlay’s Casebook and The Archers).

Though the unseasonal cold and rain had clearly limited our numbers on the train we were joined at the Golden Pheasant by supporters from Lymm and Northwich to make up a healthy number.

Many thanks to Nelson Peach and the Golden Pheasant for a great evening.

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