Chester Station – refreshed. Now it’s time for TLC ….

Posted on June 23rd, 2013, by The Chairman

Chester station is looking so much better after its multi £m refresh, but following a recent visit I made seems to be needing some good old Tender, Loving Care (TLC).

Here’s some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago ….

From the superbly-rebuilt footbridge looking east down towards platform 4 and 7.


Zoom into the pile of pigeon droppings all over the top of the vending machines and the top of the phone kiosk.

From the other end of the footbridge, looking down towards the concourse is not much better.


I wonder how the designers of the green-coloured copper envisaged the station would be kept clean in this area.

The copper-coloured copper looks good, but again I wonder how it was envisaged it would be kept clean.



The tracks around platform 1 are full of litter, much of which seems to have been there for some time.


At the other end around platform 2, there’s less litter, but it’s pretty unattractive.



I’m sure the designers didn’t plan for these metal fencing panels and the small trees growing out of the top of the brickwork, and what about the rusting corrigated iron?

The phone kiosk on the main concourse has its own collection of pigeon droppings.


Platforms 4 and 7 also suffer from the scourge of pigeon droppings.



As regular users of platform 6, we’re well used to having to circumnavigate the lake between where our trains stop and the rest of the station.


Outside the front entrance of the station, during and after heavy rain users have to dodge the waterfall that runs off the roof.


Chester is a very important station, both for regular users and for the very many tourists who pass through.

Equivalent stations like York, Glasgow Central, Cardiff Central, Carlisle, Newcastle, Shrewsbury, Hereford, Bristol and Bath present a very good picture of the railway to users.

Time for the same at Chester, please ….

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  1. The Chairman Says:

    We hear that there is to be / has been a change of responsibilities at Arriva Trains Wales affecting Chester Station.

    Karen Kinder, who previously had responsibility for Chester, is being made responsible for stations from Prestatyn to Holyhead, inclusive.

    Margaret Benson takes responsibility for stations from Flint through to Runcorn East, inclusive. Margaret previously had a revenue protection and auditing role based at Chester.

    There is no change to Kim Hawkins’ role or responsibilities.

    We wish Margaret the very best in bringing Chester Station up to a standard we can all be proud of.

  2. The Chairman Says:

    I paid a visit to Chester today.

    It seems the worst of the pigeon droppings have been removed, as has much of the litter around the platform 1 area.

    A good start!

  3. Harveyrat Says:

    It’s good that the station is looking cleaner but the Ladies toilets on platform 4/7 are usually a disgrace & have been since they were refurbished.The toilets by the ticket office & entrance are not much better. Chester Station is a key gateway in to the city and it is appalling that passengers have to suffer such poor toilet facilities (the Ladies at least!). I am sad to say that I have not yet found any station toilets worse than Chester. Please can something be done?

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