Two Music Trains pass in the night!

Posted on August 17th, 2013, by Vice Chairman

Mike Ross, our Music Trains Organiser writes ….

On Wednesday night (14th August 2013), in good weather, we had two Music Trains running simultaneously – one from Knutsford to Chester and the other from Chester to Plumley.  (They passed each other at Cuddington).
Both were full!  72 people got off the Music train at Pulley – many regulars, a group from Oswestry and a 30-strong group from Cuddington.  On the train to Chester, which was arranged for another group from Cuddington and so not publicised (although everyone on the train was welcome to enjoy the music) passengers enjoyed the Northern Connection String Band.  The band said “we had a great evening. Loved the look of surprise on the commuters coming home from work”.  At Chester everyone went by pre-arranged taxi to Alexanders and music from their resident band.
On the Plumley train we were entertained by the Goat Ropers Rodeo Band.  They gave us exciting vocals and stylish acoustic instrumentals. Their American folk, blues and country influenced music was an eclectic mix of their own compositions and classic songs from the likes of Johnny Cash (Folsom Prison Blues), Lennon and McCartney (I Saw her Standing There), Paul Simon (Keep the Customer Satisfied) and Bon Dylan and others (Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel).

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  1. chris carson Says:

    This is the band playing on the train from Chester to Knutsford. one of the passengers took vid recording on his phone. he was amazed and delighted to be entertained on his late journey home.
    This is the link:

    Or look on YouTube – Northern connection string band . Last train

  2. Lorna Wilson Says:

    We had a great time on the train.

  3. Stuart Beardsworth Says:

    I’m a member of Northern Connection String Band who played on the train from Altrincham. This is a really well organised and value for money night out.A big thanks to those who support the events and those who organise them.

    Hope to play again sometime

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