Mid Cheshire feature in RAIL’s Christmas issue! ….

Posted on December 13th, 2013, by The Chairman

RAIL Cheshire rail support

We were surprised to see this previewed in the current RAIL, 737, for publication in the Christmas edition, 738. We’d heard this was coming out early in the New Year.

Should be a good read!

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  1. Paul Wilkinson Says:

    It’s an EIGHT page article in this week’s RAIL magazine.

    Congratulations to John Oates and Sally Buttifant (and anyone else involved) for their work on this.

    I think it is an excellent piece which we need to get permission to reproduce / use for publicity for MCRUA to go to members / stakeholders, etc.

    All the best for Christmas and here’s to 2014 – onwards and upwards!

  2. Vince Chadwick Says:

    I agree – an excellent piece; well done Sally and John and others who might have contributed. It’ll be interesting to see if we do get new trains, or just strengthened old nails. Or nowt different! If the latter, it won’t be for want of effort by MCRUA and the Partnership.

    It’s well worth reading; I recommend nipping into your local newsagent for a copy while the issue is still available.

    Best wishes to all for 2014.


  3. Jen Says:

    Hopefully with Network Rail proposing to lengthen platforms on the Mid-Cheshire and Hope Valley lines so that all stations can take a 96m train (long enough for a 4 car Turbostar or 4 car 175 combination) while other lines like the Southport and Buxton lines will get platform lengthening to support 92m trains (the length of a pair of 156s or 2 car 158s), it means the Mid-Cheshire line is high on the list for getting either new rolling stock or cascaded modern stock released by electrification, which will include 170s and 172s and possibly 175s if Warrington-Chester gets added on to the electrification program.

  4. Dave Ashworth Says:

    Brilliant, detailed article, well done to those involved in it, just a pity that it never mentioned the possibility of onward travel on the 2 morning Stockport terminating services, where Manchester passengers have to change. They could travel onwards on the empty stock to Manchester Victoria via Reddish South and Denton and they wouldn’t have to endure a 9 minute hold before Stockport Station either. ! A choice of 2 different Manchester Stations, less hold up and a chance for hundreds of Reddish and Denton residents to get to Manchester by train as well. Ah well we can only dream as we see the 2 empty trains pass us here in Reddish every morning ( and return empty in the evening as well ! )

  5. Andrew Macfarlane Says:


    I don’t know which trains you are seeing in the morning. The 06.35 Chester to Stockport then goes empty coaching stock to Hazel Grove to form a service from there to Preston.

  6. John Kitchen Says:

    Best regards from Jill and myself to all at MCRUA.

    Congratulations on the Rail article – an excellent showcase for the line and the Partnership which has passed its 10th birthday.

    I am really pleased with the success of the Partnership especially considering the many vicissitudes endured over the last ten years – Stockport blockade……Pacers…….political changes.


    John Kitchen, 1st Mid Cheshire Community Rail Officer

  7. Dave Says:

    The 2 trains are ecs movements usually 142’s. We see them every morning 09:15 and 09:30 approx. However you have missed the point that passengers COULD get to Victoria without changing where at the moment no service operates.

  8. Jen Says:

    Regarding the ECS movements via Denton, they operate between Stockport and Newton Heath and don’t have a conductor on board and I don’t think the Piccadilly conductors sign the Denton line. I’m also not sure if they’ll be spare paths in and out of Victoria at peak times ahead of the planned capacity improvements. The 16:58 Stockport-Chester is frequently cancelled due to conductor shortages, sometimes it even runs Newton Heath to Altrincham to Chester ECS when there isn’t a conductor available.

  9. Edd Says:

    Out of interest has anyone previously written to George Osborne regarding overcrowding concerns on the Mid-Cheshire line? I have recently specifically mentioning the 07:17 Manchester to Chester service and the reply I got from his Constituency Secretary seems to imply he was unaware of the problem but he will be taking to Northern Rail about it now his attention has been drawn to it.

  10. Mike Battman Says:

    I find it astonishing that any company can use ‘lack of staff’ as a reason for not running a train. There are almost 2.4-million unemployed !!! Employ and train up some more staff.

  11. Vince Chadwick Says:

    We just lost the Railway Officer from our railway at the Museum of Science & Industry. He’s gone to Northern as a guard, so they seem to be recruiting. One of our volunteers also started with Northern as a guard a few years back, and is a driver now. But both of these guys are Liverpool based, however.

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