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Posted on January 29th, 2014, by The Chairman

Paul Wilkinson writes ….

Changes to Metrolink services from Monday 27 January 2014

The launch of the new line through Oldham Town Centre from first tram on Monday 27 January brings four new stops on the Oldham Rochdale line and minor changes to the wider network.

Notable changes to first/last trams from 27 January 2014
• On weekdays, there will be more early morning services to MediaCityUK from Piccadilly.
• The early Victoria to MediaCityUK services will be discontinued. Passengers should change at Cornbrook.
• The East Didsbury to Rochdale times will change. Departures from East Didsbury will start at 0559 and then run every 12 minutes. Departures from Rochdale Railway Station will start at 0600 and then run every 12 minutes.
• The last tram from Altrincham will be later at 2358 Mondays-Thursdays. Additional journeys Mondays-Thursdays are 2346 and 2358 Altrincham-Piccadilly. These journeys previously terminated at Cornbrook.
• Bury and East Didsbury services will run slightly later on Sundays. The last tram to Didsbury (from Rochdale) will be at 2221 rather than 2152. It isn’t so long ago that the last tram to East Didsbury on a Sunday night was 2156 at Victoria!

Other first/last trams will also be changing with some trams curtailed at Cornbrook rather than Victoria. The last few trams coming back from Rochdale will be running to Trafford Bar instead of Victoria as they are now operated out of Trafford depot rather than Queens Road.

Passengers are advised to check the Tram Times section of the Metrolink website for their first/last trams from Monday to ensure they are aware of changes relating specifically to their stops or journeys via the Metrolink website.

Double trams
There will be changes to the timing of double trams following feedback from passengers.

There will be still be 8 doubles in operation from Altrincham to Bury. However, they will be spread more evenly through the morning peak. (Once we know which ones are doubles we will update this blog).

There will be still be 3 doubles in operation from East Didsbury. However, these will be slightly earlier to cater for demand.

Bury-Ashton – no changes – still to work from Queens Road depot

Piccadilly-Altrincham. Split between the depots to continue, i.e. all from Trafford Mondays to Saturdays, 50:50 split on Sundays.

Altrincham-Bury directs. Operation continues split 50:50 between the depots.

SML/ORL. Mondays to Thursdays one set transferred from Trafford to Queens Road, making the split TD 6, QRD 8. Fridays/Saturdays remains 50:50 (7 duties each depot), Sundays seven duties transferred Trafford to Queens Road – making it seven duties each depot, rather than 14 Trafford.

Piccadilly-Eccles/MediaCity trams now operate from Trafford depot rather than from Queens Road.

Overall, 29 tram sets to turn out from Trafford, rather than the 18 which has been the norm in the recent past. This brings Gate 2 (Altrincham line nearest City) into use to enter/exit the depot.

There are now just three older T68s available for passenger service following the official withdrawal of 1017 and 1023. This leaves just 1007, 1016 and 1022 in the serviceable fleet alongside the two remaining T68As – 2001 and 2003.

The first of three new-style Metrolink trams with an improved interior layout based on customer feedback, go into service next Monday. These have eight extra seats, taking the total to 60 seats per tram plus additional hand holds have also been incorporated. Trams 3075, 3076 and 3077 are the first three of the latest order for 30 new M5000 vehicles placed with Austrian manufacturer Bombardier.

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  1. Mike Battman Says:

    I saw 3077 out and about on the Eccles/Media City service on Monday.

    For those who haven’t heard THERE ARE NO TRAMS ON THE ALTRINCHAM OR EAST DIDSBURY LINES THIS SATURDAY 1st FEBRUARY – bus replacement services are running instead. Details here…

  2. paul wilkinson Says:

    Saturday’s work on Metrolink is apparently down to;
    “…facilitate further Tram Management system (TMS) works at various locations and to carry out remedial work on the tracks mainly in the City Centre.”
    according to their Twitter feed

  3. paul wilkinson Says:

    A press release has appeared on Metolink website regarding double trams and capacity:

    ” … a total of 11 double trams – the maximum number of doubles we can operate on weekdays within the current operational fleet – serve the network from 7am onwards.
    Currently, eight double trams run on the Altrincham and Bury lines – far and away the network’s most established and busiest routes – from 7am.
    Three double trams now run from East Didsbury to Rochdale … “

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