New Metrolink operator for 10 years from July ….

Posted on January 19th, 2017, by The Chairman

Paul Wilkinson writes ….

KeolisAmey are the new Metrolink operator for 10 years from 0200 on Sunday 16 July 2017

They also operate Docklands Railway and are part of the Nottingham consortium for their trams.

Expect additional 300 staff with more customer service staff in evenings and weekends.

Details are here.

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  1. Mike Battman Says:

    The Second City Crossing line from St Peter’s Sq. to Victoria via Exchange Sq. will formally open on Sunday 26 February.

  2. Edd Says:

    Metrolink are up to their old trick of terminating services which are supposed to arrive in Altrincham at twenty to the hour short at Timperley again. I’ve just emailed their customer relations team about it, pointing out that for journeys to stations in Cheshire doing that extends journey times by 60 minutes.

  3. Simon Barber Says:

    It will be interesting to hear the answer you get, Edd. I worry about the possibility that Metrolink don’t care two hoots about journeys into Cheshire, because Cheshire is not in Greater Manchester and might even be seen as economic competition to GM. If only the idea of an integrated transport system had taken hold in this country! Transport round here has been less integrated since the arrival of Metrolink than it was before. You’d have thought that 26 years was long enough to address the lack of integration, but no…

  4. Edd Says:

    In my email to Metrolink I referred to a specific incident where on the afternoon of the 15th March where they turned terminated a double tram short at Timperley (which would have got in to Altrincham at around 15:40.) They only announced the tram would be terminated at Timperley as the tram was pulling in to Timperley. Due to the time of day the double tram had a lot of school pupils on it and the following tram, which came 6 minutes later, was only a single tram, so it was very crowded leaving Timperley. The second tram arrived at Navigation Road as the Chester train was stopped there and the guard was in the process of closing the doors. I mentioned that my journey from Sale to Knutsford took around 90 minutes when if the first tram had ran to Altrincham, as advertised, it would have taken around 30 minutes.

    The initial response I got was a generic one about why they sometimes turnaround services early so I replied to it and said it didn’t answer the specific concerns I raised. I then got a further reply which implied the incident I referred to was because there was a points failure on the Bury line and they wanted to ensure the trams on the Bury line were evenly spaced out for the evening peak. In response to connections to other services all they said was the below statement:

    “As with any transport companies, we are at times subjected to mechanical difficulties. It is advisable for all passengers making time critical journeys’ to allow extra time for their journey in case of disruptions to service.”

    In my case it wasn’t possible to get an earlier tram and if I’d known the next tram wouldn’t have gone to Altrincham I would have remained in Sale for a bit before going back to Altrincham.

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