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    27th June 2017

    The 2017 AGM of Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association will take place at Plumley Village Hall ..

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    8th July 2017 - 10th July 2017

    The RMT have announced three days of industrial action starting Saturday 8th July 2017 which will affect services on the Mid Cheshire Line ....

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    Announcing our tenth year of Music Trains on the Mid Cheshire Line ....

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    23rd June 2017 - 25th June 2017

    A festival with 40 acts, performing in 20 venues across the weekend from folk and acoustic to rock, blues and classical ....

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    There is engineering work affecting the Mid Cheshire Line during July 2017 ....

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    There is engineering work on the Mid Cheshire Line during August 2017 ....

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Announcing our tenth year of Music Trains on the Mid Cheshire Line ....

Our season started well with the Chester Folk Festival Music Train in April. With three bands and more than seventy passengers on the train we filled both carriages with a band playing in each of them. And there was plenty more music from Full House, Steerage Class and Time Bandits in the refurbished Golden Pheasant. We ended at Chester Station with the front carriage ‘Rolling Home’ and the rear carriage singing ‘Good Night Irene’. 

The programme for 2017 is now arranged. As well as six more Music Trains from Chester to Plumley and three from Altrincham to Chester we are also arranging eight for groups.

Wednesday 14 June – Loose Change Buskers on the Music Train from Altrincham to Chester
                                      and Terry Burgin Blues Band at Alexanders

Loose Change Buskers are a group of volunteers who perform and collect for charity. They sing, dance and play a lively set of classic tracks ranging from ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ to ‘Country Road’. Loose Change Buskers have become a familiar part of local events such as the Greater Manchester Marathon, as well as performing their own impromptu gigs on the streets of Altrincham, Hale and beyond. The charity band started by two Altrincham musicians in 2010, has now raised over £350,000 collecting for Cancer Research UK. They will be playing on the train both ways train (and making a collection on the return journey) and also performing a session at Alexanders.

The main band at Alexanders will be the Terry Burgin Blues Band. Terry Burgin and Frank Neil of have been playing together for some years now with a love and understanding of the blues that is well known. Thor Brown has recently joined them as bass guitar player to add another dimension to their infectious musical style. Their music is essentially Delta and Chicago blues. They also play more recent music that fits this tradition so that they can provide a mix of old and newer. Most importantly, their music moves along in a style where the audience cannot help but tap their feet... and even join in.

You will need to book in advance. The £15 package deal of music at Alexanders and food also includes taxis to and from the station at Chester. You need to book in advance at www.alexanderslive.com. (You can find and book the Music Trains under ‘Tickets’). On Music Train nights it’s bangers'n mash with sausages, peas and gravy. You'll need a train ticket as well. (Music Train leaves Altrincham at 18:46, return leaves Chester at 22:48).

Wednesday 14 June – Nelson Peach on the Music Train from Chester to Plumley
                                     and at the Golden Pheasant

Nelson Peach are Lesley Nelson, Richard Nelson and Richard Peach. They play flute, whistles, cittern, guitar, mandolin, violin and banjo. “The basis of our music is English Traditional, though we mix in contemporary folk and pop, and also some American versions of traditional songs”. Instrumental arrangements are lively and songs often complemented by two and three part harmonies. And Thelwall Morris Men will be performing at the Golden Pheasant as well!

There is no charge for the Music Train, though there is a collection on the way back for the band and you will need a train ticket which you can buy from the conductor – except at Chester where you must buy your ticket from the station ticket office or the ticket machine before boarding the train. No need to book – just get into the rear carriage. (Music Train leaves Chester at 19:04 and return leaves Plumley for Chester at 22:08).

Music Train Programme in full - all on Wednesdays

Chester to the Golden Pheasant at Plumley

       14 June -         Nelson Peach
       12 July -          Mossley Hill Grasshoppers
       2 August -       Espionage
       6 September - Port Sunlight Sea Dogs
       11 October -    Time Bandits

Altrincham to Alexanders in Chester

       14 June -        Loose Change Buskers on the Music Train
                              and Terry Burgin Blues Band at Alexanders
       16 August -     Murray Quartet on the Music Train and Dave Roberts Quartet at Alexanders
       11 October -   Marts ManJazz3 on the Music Train and Terry Burgin Blues Band at Alexanders


If you plan to bring a group of ten or more people on a Chester to Plumley Music Train please contact me in advance so that I can warn you if I know there will be other groups that night and it might be crowded. For Altrincham to Chester just go ahead and book – the website will only take 44 bookings.

Booking a table at the Golden Pheasant

At the Golden Pheasant the music is in the bar area where there is plenty of seating and food is served. The Golden Pheasant reserves those tables for Music Train customers as a whole but does not take bookings for them. Just choose a seat when you arrive. It is possible to book a table at the Golden Pheasant online in advance. However, it will be in the restaurant area so you will not here the music very well.

More Music Train details

Watch this website for further details or contact musictrains@midcheshirerail.org.uk

What is a Music Train?

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