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    There is planned industrial action on the Crewe to Liverpool line on Saturdays up to 28th December ....

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    2nd September 2019

    Join this petition to support the Mid Cheshire Line ....

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    25th August 2019

    You can now purchase our Mid Cheshire Line Marvellous Days Out Posters Online ....

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    2nd September 2019 - 24th November 2019

    You can now save on offpeak tickets to destinations across the Wales and Borders network .....

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    20th August 2019

    'Unsung heroes' praised as green project breathe life back into railway station ....

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    16th August 2019

    16-17 Saver railcard 'tremendous news' for mid Cheshire teenagers ....

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2019 Music Trains programme

Our last Music Train for the year runs in October ...

Wednesday 2 October – Time Bandits on the Music Train from Chester to Plumley and at the Golden Pheasant

The Time Bandits, are a Chester-based folk band who came together for the first time in 2001. Their repertoire mixes Renaissance and early dance music with traditional folk tunes and songs and an increasing proportion of music written by themselves. They are equally at home playing for concerts and for dances. They are musical time travellers, ‘raiding and pilfering over 500 years of musical material for a modern audience’.

There is no charge for the Music Train, though there is a collection on the way back for the band and you will need a train ticket.

You can buy your ticket online or from the station ticket machine – and at Chester you can also buy it from the station ticket office. You must have a ticket (or Promise to Pay card from a ticket machine) before you board the train or you may have to pay a Penalty Fare. (Exceptionally, as there is no ticket machine at Mobberley or Lostock Gralam you buy your ticket from the conductor if you board at those stations).

Passengers using the Music Trains should note that before boarding the train (except at Lostock Gralam and Mobberley where there are no ticket machines) passengers need to purchase a ticket or Promise to Pay Card

Click here for further details

Groups on Music Trains

Groups are very welcome to join the Music Trains.

If you plan to bring a group of 10 or more people on a Music Train from Chester to Plumley, please contact me in advance about your plans so that we can agree a date or dates. That way we can avoid having too many groups on one evening as well as the many people who come as individuals or in smaller groups – who can just turn up at a station on the night.

If you plan to bring a group on the Music Trains from Altrincham to Alexanders in Chester then just go ahead and book online with Alexanders. There is a maximum of 45 places available.

We are happy to arrange extra Music Trains for groups of 30 or more people on weekdays - five are arranged already. They can be in the daytime or in the evening. In the daytime we mostly go to the Railway Inn at Mobberley. The costs are the train ticket and a contribution to the band’s fee – there is no extra charge for arranging the Music Train. Contact me to discuss arrangements and possible dates. It might also be possible to arrange a group Music Train by combining two groups, if between them they can bring 30 or more people.

More Music Train details
Watch this website for further details or contact musictrains@midcheshirerail.org.uk  for more information or to sign up to the Music Trains newsletter.

What is a Music Train?

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