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    16th July 2019 - 18th August 2019

    The Mid Cheshire Line Art Exhibtion opens at the Weaver Hall Museum in Northwich on Tuesday 16th July....

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    There are Music Trains planned for June and July including a lunchtime special....

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    10th June 2019

    Sally Buttifant, our former rail officer has been honoured with an MBE .....

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    10th June 2019

    Engineering work on Mid Cheshire Line at end of June ....

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    13th May 2019

    Rail passengers gearing up for new train timetables rollout this Sunday ....

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    14th May 2019

    Two Mid Cheshire 'Music Trains' lined up for May ....

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Season Tickets and Educational Season Tickets



Season Tickets are valid for seven consecutive days or for any period from a calendar month up to a year.

They can be used for return journeys at any time between the two stations printed on the ticket.

A passport sized photograph is required for a Photocard, which must be carried at all times when travelling.

Photocards are issued at ticket offices.

Season Tickets can be purchased at any staffed station.  They cannot be bought online. 

Once you have a photocard you can renew your ticket at any ticket office or buy it on the train from the conductor if the ticket office is closed.


Example fares - Northwich to Stockport 

Day Return           £12.50

Week season       £56.00

Month season      £215.10

Example fares - Northwich to Chester

Day Return           £10.60

Week season       £47.70

Month season      £183.20


Weekly savings are about 10% compared with five Day returns, and monthly savings are about 18%. 

An annual season ticket gives the equivalent of 12 weeks free travel. 

There are no railcard discounts on season tickets.  Children (aged 5-15 years inclusive) receive a 50% discount on Season Tickets and Travelcards.

There is a season ticket calculator on the Northern website and the National Rail website which tells you the cost of season tickets for a week, a month or periods longer than a month. 



You can buy Educational Season Tickets at the ticket offices along the line – Northwich, Knutsford, Hale, Altrincham and Stockport. They are only available at the moment for pupils under 16 years.  Pupils who are 16 or over must buy season tickets at the adult rates.  There are no railcard discounts for season tickets. For any child who is currently 15, parents should consider buying an annual Educational Season ticket, not a termly one, as the ticket will be valid after their 16th birthday until expiry. 

Educational Season Tickets give significant savings when you purchase a ticket for a full school year, saving 50% off the normal ticket price.  Term time tickets are also available with savings of 40% off the normal child Season Ticket fare.

The Application Form can be printed from the MCRUA website (www.mcrua.org.uk) and completed prior to visiting the booking office.  It requires a parent’s signature and proof of age.  A photocard is not required. Payment can be made with cash, credit or debit card. 

Educational Season Ticket Availability

Educational Season tickets are available for many school journeys along the Line for students under 16.

To Greenbank

To Greenbank from stations between Mouldsworth and Navigation Road inclusive and attending St Nicholas Catholic High School, Hartford Church of England High School and The Grange School every day.

To Northwich

To Northwich from stations between Mouldsworth and Navigation Road inclusive and attending Univerity of Chester Academy

To Knutsford

To Knutsford from stations between Cuddington and Navigation Road inclusive and attending Knutsford Academy every day.

To Altrincham

To Altrincham from stations between Knutsford and Stockport inclusive and attending Altrincham Grammar, North Cestrian Grammar, Loreto Grammar, Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College every day.


Click below for how to the Take the Train on the Mid Cheshire Line 


This information is about the Mid Cheshire Line and its services (which run from Chester to Manchester via Altrincham and Stockport). 
It has been prepared by members of MCRUA (Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association) for the Community Rail Partnership.
There is much more information about Northern’s services on their website www.northernrailway.co.uk  
Timetables for the Line are available at station dispensers, ticket offices and for download from Northern. 
The Mid Cheshire Line leaflet gives details about places to visit along the Line and is available at ticket offices and to download.