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Posted on October 27th, 2009, by The Chairman

At our meeting yesterday evening we applauded the many volunteers who give up their time freely to keep our stations clean and tidy and promote our rail services within their local communities.

Our volunteers cannot be out everyday, neither can the Northern Rail Clean Team, but what do you think of the stations on our line?

We welcome your comments?

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  1. James from Shrewsbury Says:

    I was travelling on your line on business earlier in the week and noticed some great artwork at Knutsford Railway Station and some new flower beds.

    One of the artworks was a steam train. Wow!

    I notice Plumley and Mobberley had won awards.

    Can you tell me more?

  2. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, James!

    The artwork at Knutsford is by scholars from Knutsford High School. It’s really good! The two pictures on the Chester-bound side are new. The one of the steam train is a Great Western engine painted specially in memory of our late Secretary, Arthur Sancto of Knutsford, who started his working life as an apprentice in the Great Western Railway works at Swindon. We’re very impressed with the high calibre of the paintings and hear there’s more to come. Can’t wait!

    The awards you mention are from the annual “Cheshire Best Kept Station” Competition, where there is very strong competition from other lines. Both Plumley and Mobberley are tended by local villagers to bring out the best in them. At Mobberley, Mobberley Village Society. work hard on the station. Northern Rail help by providing extra assistance as necessary. We’re proud of our local stations, many of which are now assets cherished by the local communities along the line rather than the weed-strewn halts they were 10 years ago. Next time you travel, have a good look at Greenbank – this is currently “work-in-progress” and should start looking cared for soon.


  3. Jimmy Grainger Says:

    Hi John

    I see what you mean about Greenbank. When I went to work this morning, we had litter on the Manchester bound platform becuase the litter bin was broken. This is quite usual.

    When I returned home this evening, I notice not only the litter bin had been repaired but we had an extra litter bin.

    This is great news for us travellers from Greenbank. Please pass my thanks on to Northern Rail.

  4. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, Jimmy!

    Northern and some of our volunteers have been busy at Greenbank!

    I’m told they sorted the following:

    – replaced the broken litter bag holder on the Manchester bound platform

    – fitted an additional litter bag and holder on the Manchester bound platform

    – put a new litter bag and holder inside the shelter on the Chester bound platform.
    (The replacement of the broken holder outside the shelter on the Chester bound platform is still with ISS [Northern’s contractor] to fix)

    – did a full litter pick up on both platforms / station approach and removed it from site

    – replaced faded No Smoking signs on both platforms

    – topped up the timetable holder.

    Thanks for mentioning this. I’m sure they’ll be delighted you noticed.

    We’re also working on getting Network Rail to remove the litter from the tracks.


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