Heidi awarded OBE ….

Posted on January 2nd, 2010, by The Chairman

We were delighted to hear today that Heidi Mottram has been awarded an OBE.

We hear she has been given this award for services to the rail industry. In a press release we’ve seen she says: “It’s lovely for me, but it’s a reflection on everyone in the Northern Rail team.”

We agree. She leads a good team, made better by her strong leadership. It’s great to see someone from the “privatised” rail industry and away from the South East of England recognised in this way.

Congratulations from us in MCRUA!

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  1. John Kitchen Says:

    Very well deserved and it will be a real challenge for who comes next – Northern were dealt a tough hand but Heidi managed it well.

    From Day One she never accepted the DfT’s Zero Growth Proposition and proved what can be done. She used the Partnership principle skillfully (not just Community Rail).

    What you saw was what you got – she could identify with your aspiration and deliver when she could, but if the answer was no she would not retreat into bureaucrospeak. A great loss!

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