Arriva Buses in Mid Cheshire ….

Posted on January 17th, 2010, by Vice Chairman

The recent cold spell has led to many Mid Cheshire travellers leaving their car in the garage and either walking or taking the bus to connect with the Mid Cheshire Line.

But have you ever tried to understand our local bus services, how they operate and the costs involved – yes some us have to pay and don’t have the Golden Oldies Pass!

Once you are in the know you can get some great bargains.

My 10 minute trip into Northwich from my local village cost me £2 – each way.

Now I wonder why the driver didn’t offer me a North West Day Rover Ticket for £4 – it may have encouraged me to use the bus more.  On that ticket I could have also gone to Liverpool, Wigan, Manchester, Chester, and Crewe and Nantwich all on the same day!

And if I had been offered a North West and Wales Day Saver, it would have cost me £5.50 and I could have gone to Rhyl, Holyhead, Porthmadog, and Aberystwyth and back as well.

Better still, to save time buying your ticket on the bus you can buy an m-ticket that is delivered direct to your mobile phone.

Not that I fancy a trip from Wigan to Aberystwyth on an Arriva Bus but it would be handy to have this useful information readily available.

Just think how useful this would be for tourists visiting Cheshire.

You know what they say about marketing.  First you have to tell people about your products and then you have to persuade them to use them!

And, if you have done that trip from Wigan to Aberystwyth, let me know and you might persuade me to take the trip but I will be bringing my overnight bag with me just in case we don’t make it home on the last bus!

Click here to find out more about the Arriva North West Saver Ticket and m-ticket.

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  1. David Miller Says:

    There is also “Plus Bus” if you can work out what it offers. You buy a rail ticket with an add-on enabling you to have the freedom of a day ticket on the buses at your destination. However, it is hard to find out what area is covered and which bus companies participate (Arriva do). There is a web site:

  2. The Vice Chairman Says:


    Many thanks for your comments. Plusbus is a useful “add-on” to your ticket when you are visiting larger towns and cities but not available from at all stations.

    I would suggest you look at their website – for an adult Chester is £3 for the day, Altrincham, Stockport and Manchester are £3.30.

    Of course in Chester, you get free travel into the City from the Railway Station and in Greater Manchester the GMPTE Wayfarer ticket is excellent value at £10 for an adult. The Wayfarer gives you use of the trams, buses and trains and it is available from as far out as Northwich.

    And … if you are a Golden Oldie and have a Bus Pass, it is free travel after 9.30a.m.

    Where the problem lies is that most people just do not understand the products well enough to take advantage of them.

  3. David Miller Says:

    I went from Chester to Barmouth on a bus last summer while I could still use my bus pass.

    I had to do it before the end of September when the X94 was withdrawn between Chester and Wrexham and so is not available for English pensioners any more.

    What amazed me was that a disabled lady in a motorised “scooter” was able to use the bus. She got off in a small village once the bus had “knelt down” and the driver provided a ramp.

    Compare that with Northern Rail who will not allow scooters at all. Try to find out on their web site what they will accept: it’s under “Northern/DPP”. Here they tell you to read their 28 page guide, which says they will only accept wheelchairs that are within the ‘reference’ wheelchair size.

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