Days out in Chester ….

Posted on January 25th, 2010, by The Chairman

On Saturday 16 January The Guardian had an article about good places to eat in Chester for under £10 (mostly).

Here’s the web site version.

MCRUA members who know the City think this is a good selection, especially for lunch. There are more ideas in the reader comments.

A day out in Chester for two is a good bargain with Northern’s Duo ticket, which can be bought from the conductor on the train or at a ticket office. Two people travelling together get a 25% discount on the cost of their tickets. (It’s known in the retail trade as a BOGSHIP [Buy one get second half price], following on from the original BOGOFF [But one get one free]). So now you know!

AND, remember the Rail Link bus from the station to and from the city centre is free to rail users.

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  1. Old Codger Says:

    I notice they moan about the parking and don’t mention getting there by train, so I wouldn’t trust their advice. At the very least you could park and ride (free for old codgers).

    Anyway, I’ve never heard of most of the places they mention (probably for trendy young things) and we go there quite often.

    I would recommend the Cathedral for value and piano accompaniment, not to mention the decor. Of course, we old codgers never go to Chester at night, especially as there is no train back up the Mid-Cheshire line between 2107 and 2248.

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