Stockport’s Fences ….

Posted on February 18th, 2010, by The Chairman

Chester has its (scruffy) gates. No-one has yet been able been able to tell us what they’re there for.

Now Stockport has its fences. These are at the Manchester-end of the main platforms (1&2 and 3&4).

It seems that a number of people over the years have taken a fancy (for whatever reason) to a walk onto the viaduct. This tends to prove very disruptive to train services, since everything has to be stopped. This affected our line last autumn when it took 3 hours to persuade an individual to come off the viaduct back onto the station, rather than jumping off.

I understand the hope is the fences will make the viaduct look less inviting to these poor people.

Stockport's Fences

Stockport's Fences

The picture was taken last Tuesday, 16/2/10 just as the 1515 Piccadilly-Euston Pendolino arrived into platform 2, and our 1407 from Chester-Manchester (1521 from Stockport) Pacer (142035) disappeared across the viaduct towards Manchester and its brooding clouds.

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  1. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    The gates at Chester were installed to protect revenue and to keep undesirables off the station. It would be help if they were in use for a longer period of the day (e.g. in the evenings).

  2. In the know Says:

    The gates were not installed to protect revenue.

    They are used after around midnight to keep “undesirables” off the station. The way off the station then is through the car park if there’s no staff around to move the gates. I have never seen them locked, even at 1 in the morning, though there is a padlock on the gates for use.

    It saddens me that ATW have been allowed to get away with installing these building site gates at the front of the station after the grant bodies have given many £millions. Doesn’t anyone in Chester care?

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