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Posted on April 8th, 2010, by The Chairman

We’re delighted that thanks to you the Blog keeps going from strength to strength.

Thanks for the suggestions we’ve had for improvements. One of these was asking us to make it easy for bloggers to see when new comments come in.

We’ve made this change in the last couple of days – see the right-hand side of the Chairman’s Blog Home Page.

We’ve also upgraded the search facility.

Another improvement is expected soon. If you have further suggestions, please email them to me at

Thanks for your continued support for the Blog and the Mid-Cheshire Line.

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  1. Old Codger Says:

    Us Old Codgers don’t know what to do with a captcha code unless you tell us.

    And when we have submitted our comment, you tell us to go back and put it in.

    But then our comment has disappeared and when we go back to your instructions, we are told we are out of time.

    I call it Age Discrimination!

  2. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, Old Codger!

    The Captcha Code has made our life much easier. We were getting loads of spam before, all of which had to be looked at and then individually deleted. Now we get none. Wonderful!

    I hope it’s not putting too many people off commenting, though. We don’t seem to have had a reduced number of comments.

    No doubt our “Web Maestro” will look at this and see if it can be simplified, whilst still remaining just as effective.

    Thanks for your feedback.


  3. Web Maestro Says:

    Dear Old Codger,

    Thanks for pointing out the captcha code problem.

    I’ve fixed it.

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