Liverpool Airport without the car parking charges ….

Posted on April 11th, 2010, by The Chairman

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (JLA) has developed astonishingly fast in the last few years with budget flights to many parts. It’s well known that the airlines pay low landing fees to use it, the Airport making its money in other ways.

A week’s parking in the new multi-storey opposite the airport building costs around £85, though much cheaper if pre-booked early enough at around £33. For those leaving on early morning flights or returning late at night, using the car or getting a taxi may be the only options, unless using public transport and staying nearby.

Public transport links are much improved with the opening of the new station at Liverpool South Parkway (LSP) where coping with cases is very easy. The wikipedia entry on LSP is here. There are lots of buses from LSP to JLA, each taking only 10 minutes, not much more than the time it takes to get across from the car parks.

Example return fares are £16.20 from Cuddington to LSP (around 1 hour 50 minutes in both directions), and £14.20 from Altrincham to LSP (around 1 hour 11 minutes out, and up to 1 hour and 40 minutes back). There are through fares to JLA, but for some reason I can’t get the National Rail website to tell me what they are.

For those with access to stations on the Crewe-Liverpool Line such as Winsford, Hartford and Acton Bridge it’s even easier. Trains take only around 20 minutes with fares at around £11.

Worth considering if this fits in with your flights.

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  1. Edd Says:

    I’m planning to travel to Liverpool Airport by public transport next month. I’ve enquired about add-ons to rail tickets for the bus between South Parkway and the Airport and been told it’s £1.70 extra single or £3.40 extra return which ever station you start from – so there’s no discount over buying tickets on the bus. However, it means that for your return journey you’re not trying to find pound sterling change for the bus.

    Also, beware with the buses between Liverpool South Parkway and the Airport that 80A and 86A are stopping services and that 501 is Express. If you catch an 80A or 86A it could be overtaken by a 501 before reaching the station/airport.

  2. Badger not on the line Says:

    If anyone from the line is planning to travel to Liverpool South Parkway on the morning of 26 June (Saturday) then they might be very lucky.

    The Chester to Runcorn parliamentary train is to be extended to Liverpool South Parkway:

  3. Edd Says:

    If anyone’s going to Liverpool Airport in June there’s a PlusBus promotion on at the moment, so you can do PlusBus for Liverpool South Parkway for £1/day, i.e. £2 if you’re returning on a different day.

    However, you need to book online through a trainline booking system such as TransPennine Express or Virgin (to avoid the £1 fee on to get the discounted rate.

  4. Jen Says:

    I’ve come across a new coach service starting soon that might be of interest to people going to Liverpool Airport. It seems to come from the Midlands and picks up/sets down in Knutsford and has a set down stop at Liverpool South Parkway on the way to Liverpool city centre and a pick up stop at South Parkway in the opposite direction. Adult fares seem to be available from £4 single with student fares from £2.80. The service isn’t that frequent but it does run 7 days a week and there is an overnight service. Overall the timings aren’t brilliant for connections with rail services at Knutsford. Although saying that there is a reasonable connection between the first Chester-Manchester train and a coach in the Liverpool direction.

    The service will be operated by Gorilla Bus from 1st December. I don’t know a lot about this operator though.

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