Manchester Airport – the cheaper way ….

Posted on April 13th, 2010, by The Chairman

After a post about Liverpool Airport. OK! Fair cop! And no, I wasn’t prompted.

Yes, Manchester Airport is also pretty easy to get to/from using our line, so long as you’re not out on an early morning flight, or back on one arriving very late.

Car parking for a week pre-booked comes out at around £40 at a car park within walking distance from the terminal. Full price is around £80.

From our line, the quickest way is to Altrincham, then on the no 18 low floor Arriva bus to the Airport. They’re every ½ hour and in my experience reliable. The PlusBus add on ticket is valid from Altrincham to and from the Airport on the 18 – buy it when you buy your train ticket. Our trains standard pattern arrive into Altrincham at 4 minutes past, and the no 18 bus takes 22 minutes leaving at 25 and 55 minutes past. Coming back buses leave on the hour and at 30 minutes past, arriving at Altrincham at 21 past and 51 past, with our trains leaving at 46 past towards Chester. These are Monday to Friday normal times – earlier and later and on other days check Transport Direct.

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  1. Shelia Says:

    It’s around 10 minutes quicker from Knutsford if you catch bus 88 to Wilmslow and catch the train to the Airport from there, avoiding using the train on the Mid-Cheshire Line. The 88 bus also stops in Mobberley but obviously the B5085 is a long walk from some houses in the village.

    Having said that, the first 88 bus is half an hour later than the first train and the last one back leaves Wilmslow at 19:01 so it could be a worse option for some people and better for others depending on their flight times.

  2. Vince Chadwick Says:

    There is also a 200 bus service from Wilmslow to the airport via Styal Mill.

    Those of us with bus passes can travel free on the bus, but it is slower than the train!

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