Saturday’s steam train timings ….

Posted on June 10th, 2010, by The Chairman

We now have the final timings for the steam train on the Mid-Cheshire Line on Saturday, including a water stop at Ashley.

Click on UK Steam Info for these, and whom we thank for providing this information.

p.s. we note the sheet is headed “Saturday 19 September 2009”, but we believe the times are correct for this Saturday.

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  1. Morris Minor Says:

    Went to Ashley to watch.

    When was the last time a steam train stopped at this station?

  2. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, Morris!

    I suspect the last time steam stopped at Ashley would be 45407 on the third year of the Mid-Cheshire Steam a few years ago.

    The Community Rail Partnership, supported by MCRUA, is hoping to run the Mid-Cheshire steam specials again in 2011. We’ll provide an update once arrangements have progressed a little further.


  3. Jason Chase Says:

    Saw it go under the Barringtons footbridge between Altrincham and Navigation Road.

    Shame it didn’t stop at Skelton Junction; would have liked to get a photo or two.

  4. The Chairman Says:

    I saw it at Chester – looked very nice. Am I correct in thinking the big numbers on the cab side are what we used to call Scottish-style numbers?

    I also heard that the steam train delayed our 1117 Piccadilly to Chester due to being overtime watering at Ashley. Can anyone confirm this? I was told the 1117 was on time as far as Hale, held there for 15 minutes awaiting 44871 to clear, and then for a few more minutes at Mobberley, arriving into Chester around 15 minutes late.

    I imagine that means the train operator (West Coast) will be paying delay minutes money into the pot!

  5. Morris Minor Says:

    Late arriving at Ashley.

    I would think regarding time keeping a comment from the footplate would be – what can we do when we have got 11 behind us?

    No help on the back from a WC loco.

    Fed and watered very quickly at Ashley.

  6. The Chairman Says:

    Thanks, Morris.

    Assuming it was 15 or more minutes late to Ashley, my understanding is the delay minutes will be attributed to whatever caused it to lose that time earlier.

    I know from work the Performance QIT does (MCRUA, Northern and Network Rail) that these delays are investigated to find out the root causes, and then to consider what can be done to prevent them causing future problems with action then taken.

    For example, on our line we have a lot of 2-3 minute delays with trains arriving from Chester at Mobberley and Hale, yet by the time they get to Edgeley Junction prior to Stockport they’re a minute or two early. This had led to the sectional timings (SRTs) in the “Up” direction being looked at, which may lead to 2 extra minutes being added between Northwich and Hale, with 2 minutes being taken out between Altrincham and Stockport. Net effect, less sectional delays and yet still with “right time” destination arrivals.

  7. The Chairman Says:

    It seems the steam train may have delayed our train because it was itself delayed by a level crossing barrier failure at Hale.

    Here’s a feature from the Sale & Altrincham Messenger spotted by Andrew –

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