Race Day trains to be strengthened again ….

Posted on June 21st, 2010, by The Chairman

We hear that Northern’s additional strengthening and revenue plans put in place for the Race Day on 22 May went very well and were very well received by customers and staff alike.

So they’ve decided to do it again! Here’s some information about the up-coming Chester Races event on Saturday 26 June.

Please see the table below for details of the strengthening plans. There will also be additional fare collection staff on the day both at stations and on some services:-

0817 MAN-CTR 0945 142
0917 MAN-CTR 1045 2 x 150
1017 MAN-CTR 1145 150 + 142
1117 MAN-CTR 1245 2 x 142
1217 MAN-CTR 1345 142

1807 CTR-MAN 1934 150
1907 CTR-MAN 2034 2 x 142
2007 CTR-MAN 2133 142
2133 CTR-MAN 2258 2 x 142
2249 CTR-MAN 0013 2 x 142

If you use these services, please let us know how it went.

Here’s a picture sent in by “Old Codger” (see comment below) taken at Chester on the morning.

Passengers swamp the gates on Race Day at Chester - (c) Old Codger

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  1. Morris Minor Says:

    Wouldn’t it be good if they put on loco-hauled specials.

    Anybody remember the Grand National specials that used to fly up through Skelton Junction attacking the West Timperley line with some speed?

  2. Old Codger Says:

    I was not impressed with the way Chester’s new gateline coped with today’s racegoers.

    There were just as many people again behind me off a 6-car Merseyrail electric following all those of us off the strengthened Mid-Cheshire service. At least ATW had staff with Avantix machines to deal with the ticketless. You can see two or three with green tabards just to the left of the pillar box.

    One poor man in front of me trying to get to his train said he must remember never to come to Chester station on race day. I think they ought to move Costa Coffee and the vending machines out of the way and install more gates.

    (Ed – Thanks, Old Codger, and for the photo which I inserted at the end of my original post, since I can’t work out how to insert it here!)

  3. Old Codger Says:

    It was Chester Races again today (10 September). This time, there was a separate , manned entrance to the platforms, away from the scrum at the exit gates. Also, there were three members of staff with ticket machines at a table, ready for excess fares. I arrived for my train at a quiet time so there was no difficulty in reaching my platform, but “Good Thinking, Arriva”.

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