Replacement Buses – but the passengers wait on the platforms for trains ….

Posted on July 7th, 2010, by The Chairman

The Railway all over Britain seems to struggle to effectively communicate with passengers when planned replacement buses are running.

We know that a few years ago, ATOC (the Association of Train Operating Companies) set up a working group to come up with a solution to this problem. I was interviewed as part of the research. It seems the group just petered out, and with no solution proposed. Painful!

So following a suggestion from our David Miller in Cuddington where passengers should wait for the buses by the Norley Road shops rather than down on the railway platforms, Northern are trialling a notice. Here’s our first example for Sunday 27 June.

The idea is the notice is attached to all entry/exit points for at least a few days before the planned replacement buses.

If this seems to work for the next few weekends (we’ll be monitoring it to see how many passengers, if any, are still standing on the platforms), we’ll be extending this to all Mid-Cheshire Line stations.

What a shame we end up having to do this with Northern’s help, because ATOC can’t get its act together!

If you know how railways in other countries cope with this, please let us know.

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