Our Network Rail “fix list” ….

Posted on October 3rd, 2010, by The Chairman

Network Rail, compared to their predecessors Railtrack, are vastly improved at looking after the infrastructure and related structures on our line.

In essence, the Train Operating Company (TOC), in Mid-Cheshire’s case Northern, looks after the station infrastructure, and Network Rail looks after the rest.

Despite prompting from us and many of you, some items such as trees growing out of viaducts, overhanging bushes and graffiti seem to take ages to be sorted.

We’ve noted, however, that a certain Parish Council leader along the line seems to get Network Rail’s attention. Perhaps we should channel everything through her!!

The official route to bringing these items to Network Rail’s attention is through their hot line – 08457 11 41 41. You report the item, are provided with a report number, and then at any time can ring back to see what plans there are to sort the item.

So we thought we’d help things along!! ….

Here’s our current Mid-Cheshire Line list for Network Rail (i.e. not Northern Rail) starting from the Chester end of what we know is waiting to be fixed, together with report numbers where we have them and also pictures.

We’ll keep this updated, so please let us know when items are sorted and new items added, and if you can send pictures, that’s even better ….

Mickle Trafford

Graffiti under old Northgate Line overbridge to be removed.

Mouldsworth – now sorted, see below

Under this mess are the cobbles

Reinstatement of Manchester-bound platform at the Chester end disturbed in the resignalling 2 years ago and cordoned off with barriers looking scruffy.

Mouldsworth Update – 14/10/10

We’re pleased to say that Network Rail have investigated this, clearing the grassy mess from the cobbles – well done!

Cobbles revealed! - (c) Network Rail

Rather special! - (c) Network Rail

It turns out the hole you can see in the platform is apparently the responsibility of Northern Rail as station leaseholders to fix, even though it appears to be related to the adjacent signalling cabinet.

Many thanks to Network Rail for progressing this item.

This is now OFF Network Rail’s list, and over to you, Northern! ….


The drains in the car park overflow, leading to mud flowing into the Manchester-bound waiting shelter and onto the track ….

Water runs down the station approach ....

.... through the waiting shelter ....

.... and across the platform on the track

Cuddington Update – 14/10/10

Network Rail are discussing the flooding with Cheshire West & Chester Council, as apparently there are related problems given it seems the water may not be being drained correctly from the road by the traffic lights. In progress ….


Bush/tree growing out of the side of the road bridge over the Manchester bound track and platform – reported 4/10/10, ref: 2748494.

Greenbank Tree - (c) Harry Boardman

Greenbank Update – 14/10/10

We hear from Network Rail that “the bridge will be inspected by our structures team but no work will be carried out unless it is considered that the vegetation compromises the safety of the bridge”. In progress ….

Leftwich Viaduct

Removal of trees growing out of the side of the viaduct


Removal of bush growing out of the station end of the tunnel portal – reported 17/5/10, ref: 2679990.

Removal of graffiti from the inside of the King Street overbridge on the Adams Hill side

Knutsford Graffiti


Removal of trees and bushes overhanging the line between Hale station and bridge 8 (towards Ashley)

Renewal of the “Hale” sign on the old signal box – reported 17/5/10, ref: 2679992.

Deansgate Junction – Northenden Junction

Removal of bushes overhanging the line on the north side.

If you have items to add to the list, please let us know….

We’ll cross the items out as they get fixed.

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  1. Keith Lumley Says:

    One minor correction to your blog post.

    The telephone number for our helpline is 08457 11 41 41.

    (Thanks, Keith! Amended. Ed).

  2. The Chairman Says:

    New item added for Greenbank – “bush/tree growing out of roadbridge”. See above.

  3. The Chairman Says:

    Updates added for Mouldsworth, where the cobbles are now revealed :-), Cuddington and Greenbank. See above.

    Mouldsworth is now sorted from Network Rail’s perspective, and over to you, Northern ….

  4. The Chairman Says:

    Picture now added of the “Greenbank Tree”. We had hoped to get a picture of Miss Greenbank 2010 watering it, but she wasn’t tall enough to reach over the top of the bridge! ….

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