Mobberley Joe retires ….

Posted on October 16th, 2010, by The Chairman

Joe Grixti, long time signaller at Mobberley retired at the end of September.

Joe started as a signaller at Northenden Junction, then becoming a relief man for Guide Bridge. He migrated to being relief at Altrincham, before moving to a full time position at Deansgate Junction ‘box when it was modernised. Then it was out to Mobberley for a rather more relaxed life, though still with 2-3 passenger trains an hour, up to 10 freight movements a day, plus any ATW diversions when the line via Warrington is closed and/or when ATW need to get empty stock to Manchester early in the morning and cannot go via Warrington or Crewe.

Back in 1999, when Joe was a signaller at Deansgate Junction, he made Railtrack’s Track Record in-house magazine after carrying out a charity jump for the “Childen of Chernobyl” in tandem with an instructor from 15,000 feet and reaching a terminal velocity of 120 mph. The previous year Joe had raised £1,261 by carrying out a sponsored abseil.

Jumping Jiminy!

And last year Joe was very proud when his wife was presented with an MBE at Buckingham Palace by HRH The Prince of Wales.


Happy retirement, Joe!

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