Good “Northern” Mid Cheshire mentions ….

Posted on October 19th, 2010, by The Chairman

Just released is the latest issue of Northern’s customer magazine, “northern”, covering Autumn/Winter 2010. You can download it by clicking here.

Our Mid Cheshire Line gets good mentions.

There’s a great article about Knutsford on p.39. I had no idea about the Steven Spielberg connection.

Then on p.41 there’s a page on Community Rail Partnerships, with our own Mid-Cheshire CRP prominently featured.

We could be a little naughty! There’s are at least 3 errors in the CRP article. Can you spot them? No prizes, though!

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  1. Black Five from Rhyl Says:

    The Church, Sally and the CRP are doing a great job at Green Bank.

    Tell me, is there a new building in the car park at Northwich Station!

    And … where is the exact location of the image bottom left at Green Bank?

    And finally, I noticed Dahlias being replaced by plants at Green Bank on Saturday last. Was that the Church and the CRP volunteers out in action again?

  2. The Chairman Says:

    Well done, Black Five, you did well!

    The image at the bottom left at Greenbank is to the left of the Church/Station Building – the volunteers are standing in front of a vehicle brought in to remove the d├ębris.

    Last Saturday – I don’t know, I’ll ask Sally.

    p.s. for those who didn’t realise, Greenbank is spelt thus, and the picture labelled as Northwich is actually at Knutsford.

  3. Old Codger Says:

    It’s official (Ian says so) – you can have more than two bikes on a train, at the discretion of the conductor. See page 11 of the magazine.

    I hope the notices in the timetable leaflets will be suitably amended.

    Delamere is a popular destination for cyclists, so they should be encouraged by this common-sense approach. Only on Chester race days would trains be full at this end of the line.

    Of course, on the Continent, they run special trains for cyclists….

  4. CRP Officer Says:

    Yes, Christ Church volunteers and CRP/MCRUA members were very busy on Saturday at “Greenbank”, geraniums not dahlias! (Black 5 needs to watch Gardeners World more often!!) were dug out and sweet smelling plants such as rosemary and lavendar were planted, as well as other plants whose names I can’t spell or pronounce!

    In terms of the number of volunteers on the line, Greenbank is leading – BTCV, Church, Weaver Vale Housing Trust, MCRUA and CRP members have all given time to keep the station looking tidy – long may it continue.

    Thank you to all our Mid Cheshire Line Friends.

  5. CRP Officer Says:

    Yes though the bike policy is 2 per train, at the Conductor’s discretion more can be carried and frequently that is what happens on the Line.

    We are working closely with Northern to get the message right and I’m told that the new December timetable leaflet will do that.

    I was in London yesterday at a Sustainable Transport conference (a free place!) and was talking to a company who make bike racks for buses – illegal I’m told currently in the UK. I was asking him if they were looking at bike racks for trains – I realise that we couldn’t have them on the front of the train but what about on the side …? Outside …?

    Oh well, I can dream of trains that can take unlimited bikes!

  6. Edd Says:

    It was Legh Road that was used for the filming of the Spielberg film.

    Relating to the point Northern make about the Manchester-Chester line taking a swoop off the direct route to serve Knutsford, is that accurate? I thought the line terminated at Knutsford at one point with the Knutsford-Northwich and Northwich-Chester sections being later additions.

  7. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, Edd! Thanks for the Spielberg location.

    I think the point Northern are making is that if you draw a direct line from Hale to Knutsford, you would go through Tatton Park, but the railway builders had to avoid it, hence the curve round through where Mobberley station is, before arriving at the then temporary terminus in Knutsford.

    Can anyone confirm?

  8. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    Sorry to nitpick but the correct spelling of the road used in the filming of “Empire of the Sun” is Legh Road.

  9. The Chairman Says:

    Thanks, Andrew. I’ve changed it above.

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