Delamere blooms ….

Posted on November 2nd, 2010, by The Chairman

Delamere - (c) David Miller

David Miller says, “Just before I took the photo of the RHTT, I took the attached of the 1503 from Chester, 156487 plus a class 150 ready for the Knutsford scholars.

I thought it showed a lot of improvements achieved by one or other of the constituents of the CRP. Left to right: a 4-car train to take the schoolchildren (I’m not sure this is a CRP achievement – the train runs later runs as a 4-car 1651 Piccadilly to Buxton – Ed.); one of two binsacks; a leaflet dispenser containing timetables; new signs; geraniums; poster advertising the Northwich Nipper; best kept station trophies; CRP noticeboard advertising the ghost train, music train and giving simplified train times; artwork from a local school. Have I missed anything?

Is it any wonder that more people are using the station? (The publicity at the newish nearby caravan site has a lot to do with this – definitely a CRP achievement – Ed.) There were five others getting on the 1526 to Chester, at least two wanted a Duo to Chester and had obviously never used the station before as they asked me where they bought tickets!

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