Slip, slip, sliding away ….

Posted on November 5th, 2010, by The Chairman

It’s that time of year ….

Last year the worst week for the disruption to the timetable on our line was the 1st week of November.

Lots of lovely, juicy leaves blown off the trees by the November gales, mixed with luscious warm rain and spread delightfully along the tracks. Sounds delicious and very scenic, but it’s a train driver’s nightmare.

This year’s revised “leaf fall” arrangements seem to be working quite well on our line so far, lots of fingers crossed!

More details were featured in a previous post.

This week has been the worst week so far – again the 1st week in November. The “Rail Head Treatment Train” (RHTT) running mid-afternoon is showing its worth, with early afternoon trains late and those after the RHTT has run mainly on time.

Hopefully, we’ll be through the worst in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Vince Chadwick Says:

    Look at any picture of our railways back in the 50s and 60s – few lineside trees! Today, there are so many so close to the line that often there is no view from the train.

    So, Network Rail; fell those trees and solve the leaf fall problem as well as restoring the view from the train.

  2. Ian Says:

    Network Rail are improving on their part, but Northern seem to be unable to implement logical solutions for when things go wrong.

    Yesterday, the 16:03 Chester to Manchester left around 20 minutes late and to make up time the train missed out most stations, including Knutsford! From information on Live Departure Boards the train arrived at Manchester Piccadilly around 40 minutes before it was needed for the 18:17 Manchester to Chester, so I don’t know what logical reason Northern can give for missing out any of the stations – let alone Knutsford.

    Slightly off topic – sorry, is there another station on the Northern network that gets passenger counts as high as Knutsford with only an hourly frequency?

  3. The Chairman Says:

    It’s been another poor train-running week this week with quite a bit of late-running, some trains that have been so late that they’ve gone almost non-stop from one end to the other so as to make a right-time departure back, and a few cancellations as well due to train crew stuck on delayed trains on other lines.

    “Leaf fall” seems to be more extended this year than last when we got it over in about a week, followed by a few heavy frosts. This year it’s been going two weeks and no sign of heavy frosts yet to break up the remaining juicy leaves.

    What seems to have made it worse is a spate of infrastructure failures. In the last couple of weeks amongst others we’ve had a power failure at Hartford affecting Greenbank signal box, a signal failure at Mobberley twice, signal failures on the single line from Northenden to Edgeley Junction twice, a signal failure at Slade Lane Junction and overhead line damage in the Levenshulme area twice.

    Roll on normality. Hopefully, soon!

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