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Posted on November 14th, 2010, by The Chairman

You certainly seem to enjoy the Blog judging by the “hits” we get and the feedback!

Our “busiest day” so far is 21 July when we got 208 hits, with 81 hits on our post wondering where the new trams on the Altrincham line were.

A number of you have asked us to introduce a feature that prompts you when there are new posts, and also when there are further comments on posts you have made a comment on.

Our webmaster, John Hulme, and his son (the brains behind our website) Ian, have been slaving away putting this in and testing it. We’re now releasing it on the world!

If this is for you, make a point of subscribing, and every time there’s a new post, you’ll get a prompting email. And, if at any stage you want to “unsubscribe”, this feature’s built in as well.

To subscribe to the Blog, simply click on “Subscribe” in our top toolbar.

To follow the comments that you have posted a comment on – simply click the notify box below your own comment.

Happy subscribing!

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  1. The Chairman Says:

    The subscription service is proving very popular.

    Remember to subscribe, if you haven’t yet!

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