Northwich & Lostock Gralam improvements ….

Posted on November 16th, 2010, by The Chairman

Sally, our Community Rail Officer, tells us ….

Northwich Station – a new litter bin with a place to stub out cigarettes has been installed at the bottom of the steps that lead on to the car park on the Manchester side. This is to encourage people to use the bin for their rubbish and cigarette butts. Hopefully there will then be less litter in the station area for staff and Friends of Northwich Station to clear up.


Lostock Gralam – there are 3 new planters on the Manchester side and some strimming and cutting back of the undergrowth has taken place. The wall where the old shelter used to be has been repainted and a collage of old rail photos has been mounted.

Lostock joins the stations with planters

This has been achieved by the Enterprise Education Alliance working with 17-25 year olds from Mid Cheshire using some funding from local firm Storengy applied for through Cheshire Community Action.

Nicely tidied

Nice one!

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  1. Morris Minor Says:

    This is only my opinion.

    May I say the hi vis jackets are not suitable for Railway workers? I think they are rather confusing, i.e. neither green or yellow, therfore in certain light, very confusing to drivers etc.

    Orange is the colour to be worn.

  2. Rail Officer Says:

    Hello Morris Minor,

    The debates about hi vis vests are interesting – some TOCs say only yellow vests are allowed as volunteers are not rail workers, some say not yellow as the colour can be confusing, so wear orange. Others are not bothered about vests being worn.

    I like our Mid Cheshire Friends volunteers to wear vests – preferably orange, which I can supply or if not yellow.

    Vests differentiate between passengers and volunteers and should highlight to drivers that some sort of work is taking place.

  3. Morris Minor Says:

    Hello Rail Officer,

    Ok, if you can provide orange vests and dont want to be confused with actual rail workers.
    Utilise the back with reference to MCRUA and poss the word ‘volunteer’.
    Getting your help to the line, noticed by passengers.


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