New café on Altrincham station ….

Posted on November 17th, 2010, by The Chairman

Hamiltons express opens today on Altrincham station in the area once occupied by a café in the 60s.

Here’s one of the entrances yesterday as final preparations were being made for today’s opening.

It certainly looks very bright and airy, with a modern coffee machine and the sorts of facilities seen at the better cafés on some of our other stations.

A great improvement for the ambience of the station.

And for those who have been using the café in the bus station just past the GMPTE enquiry office, this is still there, continuing to sell its more traditional fare of tea, coffee, full breakfasts, toasties and sandwiches.

Spoilt for choice!

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  1. Black Five from Rhyl Says:

    This sounds good.

    I am coming over to Altrincham and walking over to Dunham Massey. Fabulous place to visit.

    By traditional fare, do you mean the cafe prices are still in 1960s?

  2. Rail Officer Says:

    Can’t wait to try this out – meeting in Altrincham anyone?

  3. Rail Officer Says:

    Black Five – what an excellent day out – a ride on the scenic Mid Cheshire Line, morning coffee in Hamiltons at the station then a stroll through Altrincham to Dunham Massey for lunch. Don’t forget to walk through the Winter Garden at Dunham – very well worth a visit I am told.

    If only “traditional fare” meant 1960s prices but I fear it doesn’t ….. there are excellent fish and chips in Altrincham though – reasonable prices and delicious fish – check out the fish and chip shop near the market.

  4. Rail Officer Says:

    Black Five – don’t forget to check out the Mid Cheshire website –

    On the Altrincham Station pages there is an excellent new leaflet produced by Trafford Council which gives suggested walking routes to Dunham Massey and interesting features along the way to look out for – an excellent way to work up an appetite!

  5. Morris Minor Says:

    Do we know its opening hours ?

  6. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, Morris!

    I checked the hours yesterday.

    They’re Monday-Friday 0700-1800, and Saturday and Sunday 0800-1800.

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