Delamere’s sponsored signs ….

Posted on November 22nd, 2010, by The Chairman

Thanks to the Forestry Commission, Delamere is the first station along our line to have sponsored signs.

“Delamere – The forest station – From tracks to trails”

Here’s our Community Rail Officer, Sally Buttifant, our Northern Line Manager, Chris Ingham and the Forestry Commission’s CRP representative, Richard Mostyn.

Passenger figures at Delamere are increasing faster than at any other station along the line, and not just at weekends. With the great support we get from the Forestry Commission publicing our services around the forest and at the adjacent caravan site, Northern Duos are proving popular for daytime visits to Chester and Knutsford.

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  1. Old Codger Says:

    All we’ve got to do now is get that dreadful pre-recorded announcement for the Mid-Cheshire line at Chester altered.

    It isn’t De La Mere (and it isn’t “Batch” on the Wirral line either). Mind you, I wouldn’t dare to say whether it should be Lostock “Greylam” instead of Lostock “Grarlam” in case I start an argument!

  2. Lord Harry of Sodor Says:

    For all of my 66 years it has always been known as “Greylam”.

    It is only the posh people from the likes of Cuddington and Hartford who call it “Grarlam”.

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