Northern in action on the Mid Cheshire! ….

Posted on November 23rd, 2010, by The Chairman

Our line’s Stations Manager, Chris Ingham, has to get out and about as part of his job, liaising with his staff, checking the facilities, seeing what needs doing and also being involved where others need to encroach on Northern’s lease area.

Here’s Chris last Wednesday on a quick visit to Mobberley on the way to Knutsford to meet up with United Utilities representatives who were needing access to Northern’s area.

The transport is newly-acquired for the stations team. It has previously been used to transport traincrew between depots and stations in the Manchester area, but is thought to be better utilised on this work given its area for tools and other items to be conveyed.

And here’s Chris this morning together with Diane from Oxford Road during a survey of stations along the line.

If you know of items that need fixing at stations along the line, please let us know.

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  1. David Miller Says:

    Having seen the state of Chris’s boot, I would say it is high time he got a more suitable motor.

  2. Edd Says:

    I’ve noticed a minor problem at Altrincham recently in that the LED display on platform 4 never displays the 17:14 to Chester. It’s always showing the 17:35 service as the next train from before 5pm. I’m not sure if they show the other Stockport staters/terminators correctly.

    Saying that having some train running information is better than the error messages they were constantly showing a few months back.

  3. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, Edd!

    One of our regular lady passengers from Ashley reported this to me last week and I passed it on to Chris Ingham at Northern. It was still showing incorrectly on Monday.

    Apparently this has been a problem since early October but it seems nobody told Northern.

    Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    We’re also trying to get the monitors to provide useful messages when there are planned replacement buses on the line. The first attempt was not very successful. This is “work-in-progress”.

  4. Peter Says:

    Both the 17:14 and 18:14 were still missing from the Altrincham platform 4 display yesterday.

    The platform 3 display at Altrincham has been covered up with cardboard and plastic like all the Metrolink display screens.

  5. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    Just to inform you that the customer information display on platform 3 at Altrincham has not been covered over.

    The one on platform 4 is still not showing the Stockport-Chester services.

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