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Posted on November 24th, 2010, by The Chairman

Sally tells us it was an excellent day at Greenbank last Saturday – CWAC, Weavervale, 3 local PCSOs, the Church, BTCV and 6 young people off the estate planted young trees including hazel, crab apple and blackthorn(?). This is counting towards the CWAC Safer Stronger Communities initiative in the Greenbank area.

Young people and partners worked side by side planting the trees – it was excellent – we then had tea & biscuits in the church – 15 more volunteers to add to the 8 on 16th Oct & the 12+ that we had at the Big Tidy up in July. Must be a record!

Can you spot Harry’s favourite tree in the picture above, growing out of the stonework under the bridge?

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  1. Black Five from Rhyl Says:

    The Church and the local community at Greenbank should be congratulated on the work at Greenbank including Harry and Sally.

    Perhaps those responsible for the tree growing out of the bridge can now do their bit !

  2. Morris Minor Says:

    Love to know what Harry’s favourite tree is.

    Is it a money tree?

  3. Harry Boardman, Greenbank Station Adopter Says:

    In answer to Morris Minor the leaves are now falling off the tree but all is not lost.

    After writing to Network Rail back in September, I received a letter dated 11 October advising me their Structures Engineer will inspect the bridge and tree when next in the area.

    Not having heard anything since then, I gave them a call on the 24 November for an update.

    Today I have received the news that he has been out to investigate the matter and has confirmed that the sapling (not yet a tree then) does not present a cause for concern in the short/medium term, whatever that means. However I am reassured that the structures team do have an item in their work bank to remove the sapling in the financial year 2011/2012.

    I will have to water it, so that hopefully it will become a money tree before it is removed.

  4. Morris Minor Says:

    If the Station Adoptor, had any inkling it was a money tree, it would have gone by now!

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