2010’s final Music Train – a bit different ….

Posted on November 25th, 2010, by The Chairman

Yesterday’s Music Train went very well. We had 25 people on the train on a cold, dry autumn night. The young country music band were excellent (Rusty Cadillacs) and their repertoire included ‘Merseyrail’ and ‘Night Train to Chester’ – both their own compositions. They varied the style between the train and the pub and finished with a lively return performance on the way back to Chester. With the young band came a younger audience as well, which is part of the purpose of these events.

The trains ran well and were unaffected by the earlier broken rail at Mobberley. Both conductors were positive and helpful. On the way out the conductor went through the train a few times which makes a good impression. On the return journey he didn’t have much to do since we all had tickets so he stayed in the carriage with us and enjoyed the music – also making a good impression.

We are now exploring setting up an afternoon train (either weekday or Saturday) as well as another evening train in late January.

If you’re not on our “Music Train email list” yet, please email your contact details to musictrains@midcheshirerail.org.uk

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  1. Morris Minor Says:

    Having passed comment about trains always favouring coming from Chester, reason given, due to overcrowding from the Manchester end of the line.

    An afternoon train, midweek could be a thing on my agenda. Train, music, beer, music, another beer, and then train back to the Manchester end of the line.

    Good idea.

  2. Michael Ross Says:

    If Morris Minor (or anyone else) would get in touch with me direct – musictrains@midcheshirerail.org.uk – I would like to discuss a plan for a mid week afternoon Music Train to Chester with them.

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