May 2011 Railtour announced ….

Posted on November 30th, 2010, by Vice Chairman

For those that follow the MCRUA Chairman’s Blog,  your advance notice of our next excursion.

Our next excursion will be The North Eastern Express, on Saturday 7th May 2011, for Darlington, Durham and Newcastle.  There will be an optional trip to the Beamish Living Museum of the North.

Our on-line booking office for this excursion opens on 1st December 2010.

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  1. Harveyrat Says:

    This sounds like a really excellent day out – must get booking on-line and renew my MCRUA membership to get the discount!

  2. Silk Town George Says:

    Harveyrat, you are right. I understand the Booking Office opens tommorow.

    Bit like the sales … I want to be the first to book an on-line ticket this year.

  3. Morris Minor Says:

    Beamish will be to much time consuming, a full day is needed.

    What about Tanfield Railway ?

  4. Uther Pendragon Says:

    I am with Morris Minor. Last time a tour went to Newcastle, the options were Beamish for the families and Tanfield for the rail enthusiasts and the coach then went on to join the rest family at Beamish.

    Is it possible to look at this? You all do such a great job trying to cater for us all.


  5. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, Morris and Uther!

    We took soundings before picking the Beamish option. It seems very popular and many people said that they’d be looking for no more than 3-4 hours there even with its bigger size.

    We would have liked to have included the Tanfield Railway again. However, it’s only open on Sundays. We suspect that they would be unwilling to open on a Saturday unless we could guarantee numbers and times, and at this stage we couldn’t do this. We think that probably many of their volunteers work on Saturdays, otherwise they’d open then.

  6. MCRUA Online Booking Office Says:

    Good Morning

    A bit white over here in Mid Cheshire this morning but pleased to say I have got into work and opened the Online Booking Office for the North Eastern Express Railtour.

    Going to put the kettle on and I will dealing with the bookings we have received so far.

    Looks like I will have my work cut out this morning as those people downstairs have sent out nearly 800 emails.

    Many thanks to the rest of team at MCRUA for getting this Rail Tour operational !

    Billie Baggins

  7. Morris Minor Says:

    Well done all the team.

    All info, out on time.

    Will be sorting my booking in the next few days.

    What chance of a red signal at Stalybridge, so we could visit the buffet bar?

    Only joking…………

  8. MCRUA Online Booking Office Says:


    Many thanks for your kind words.

    I have just talked to the Operations Team on the second floor and they will not give the green light for a red light at Stalybridge.

    A reminder there is an excellent Buffet Bar on the train.

    Lord Harry of Sodor tells me it is excellent!

    Billie Baggins

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