Small Groups of 3 to 9 ….

Posted on December 2nd, 2010, by The Chairman

We’ve had a number of people travelling on our line recently on “Small Groups” tickets.

I didn’t know what these were, and it seems neither did our conductors.

On investigation, it turns out these tickets are only valid on services where Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) sets the fare; they provide a 25% discount for groups of between 3 and 9. As ATW set the fare between Manchester and Chester, it looks as thought these are valid on our services, even though we suspect ATW get most of the revenue. The tickets state “Any Reasonable Route” and also “See Restrictions”, though finding out what these restrictions are seems to involve asking at a ticket office (the ticket vending machines (TVMs) don’t provide this information).

So if you’re travelling from Manchester to Chester, or vice versa, and would like to use our route in one or both directions and/or ATW in one direction, this could be a good option.

Check ticket validity first, though!

The details are on ATW’s website.

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  1. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, folks!

    The above has been clarified. This ticket is valid on ATW services only, so therefore not valid on the Mid Cheshire Line. Pity it doesn’t say that on the ticket!

    Northern conductors at Piccadilly and Buxton who work our line are to be informed.

  2. Insider Says:

    Some more clarification.

    The Small Group tickets are valid on Northern services if the majority of the customer’s journey is on a Arriva Trains Wales service.

    Thus, Chester to Manchester with a Small Groups ticket is only permitted on ATW services, however with Chester to say Guide Bridge, it is valid on Northern services using the connection at Piccadilly.

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