Daytime Merseyrail goes ¼-hourly ….

Posted on December 5th, 2010, by The Chairman

The long-suggested Merseyrail Chester ¼-hourly service starts from the December timetable change.

We understand the Chester service is Merseyrail’s busiest route, but also its most unreliable route. The unreliability stems from the 4 minute turnrounds at Chester. It’s mainly a Chester to Chester service round the Liverpool Loop. Thus any late running tends not to be recovered from without missing some stations out, and this is treated as a “reliability failure”. Beware – in future not all trains will stop at Capenhurst and Bache.

Merseyrail are very jealous of their position as one of the best, if not the best performing train service in Britain. The Chester service has been dragging them down occasionally behind c2c and Chiltern. This is their grand plan to fix it!

We hope it does. 🙂

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  1. Black Five from Rhyl Says:

    Good Morning, Mr Chairman

    I am surprised you have time for all this good stuff on the blog with the Great Eastern Express Rail Tour now open for bookings. You guys must be very busy at the moment.

    I understand the fares on the Merseyrail network offer great value for money and there are some good places to visit from the train.

    Any advice if I am travelling from Chester?

  2. Old Codger Says:

    The bad news is that you can’t buy off-peak returns for journeys within the Merseyrail network any more.

    The good news is that they are replaced by a day saver for the Wirral lines, or the Northern lines, or both.

    They are really day rover tickets and cost £3.20 for each area or £4.40 for both. Both areas include the Liverpool loop. So a trip from Chester to Liverpool is cheaper than it used to be. For journeys costing less than £3.20, you get an “anytime” ticket.

    I ought to acknowledge the journal of the Transport Ticket Society for this information, because all the web sites I have checked still quote only the “anytime” fare to Liverpool of £6.20, even for travel on a Sunday. However, the Merseyrail web site gives details of the saver separately under They say you can buy the ticket at any ticket vending machine.

    Last time I looked, the ticket machines at Chester could not cope with this new development and had notices on them telling you to get your ticket from the booking office. So, as usual, caveat vector.

  3. The Eastway Flyer Says:

    Very interesting and valuable input from Old Codger, but as we didn’t do Latin at Sale Grammar School when I was there perhaps he could provide an English translation for caveat vector.

  4. Professor Jumbooboo Says:


    Very interesting, your blog item has come up on our University Diversity Energon System which relates to our Program to Facilitate the design of Organic Molecules.

    Your Old Codger is, we assume, an expert on our University’s structural databases which is provided in caveat-vector format.

    I assume the Transport Ticket Society uses this system in either Triad or Iliad format.

    I notice that you are based in the North West. I give a short three hour lecture on this. Would it be appropriate for me to address one of your public meetings sometime when I am in your area?

    I believe you may be interested in my thesis on this subject – Triad and Iliad Databases and its conversion into RPG2 Format (6). This 1032 page volume is extremely interesting.

    I would be interested to learn what platform the Old Codger is working on as we may have some executable source he may find of interest especially relating to waiting times, conductors and other executables.

    Unfortunately, I cannot email because of our Willyleak procedures. I will, however, forward direct to your Secretary – whose name and address I have from your recent Rail Report.

    I hope you find this blog and the thesis interesting.

    Professor Jumbooboo

  5. Harry Baggins Says:

    Your Eastway Flyer might like to note that I attended the Winsford College of Knowledge and Latin was available and mandatory in the top stream.

    Ego sum a railway fanaticus!

  6. The Eastway Flyer Says:

    It would seem that Harry Baggins didn’t make it to the top stream as neither his spelling or attempt at Latin are very good.

    Winsford College of Knowledge is I presume a posh title for the Verdin School, which I believe was also attended by his close friend Black Five of Rhyl in his formative years.

  7. Harveyrat Says:

    Yes – excellent news re Merseyrail services every 15 minutes from Chester.

    Why not travel to Hooton and change there for Ellesmere Port? Ellesmere Port is home to the nationally famous Cheshire Oaks Outlet complex and the Blue Planet Aquarium – opportunities for retail therapy and feeding the sharks!

    Both attractions can be reached from Ellesmere Port station by using the state of the art new hourly bus service – the SP1 & SP2 which stops right outside station.

    Ellesmere Port is also home to the excellent Boat Museum – a must for those who are keen on canal history & heritage.

    You can also take the Northern train from Ellesmere Port to Helsby, but check the timetable first as trains are infrequent.

    Whilst at the station appreciate the new station gardens created by Veolia Environmental Services undertaking a community challenge with Friends of the Station.

  8. Verdin Principalis Says:

    Young Baggins

    I recall your days at the Verdin.

    Latin was not one of your better subjects, although I do recall you working hard for the Transport Society.

    I checked your name against the roll and we have four detentions oustanding for withdrawing from Games Periods and found trainspotting on the Whitegate Branch.

    You are being recalled to the Verdin and bring with you the Old Codger and Eastway Flyer. It will be 100 railway lines in Latin for both of you.

    Verdin Principalis

  9. Harry Baggins Says:

    Eastway Flyer should be informed that Baggins did make the top stream and has certificates to prove it.

    You are correct: Winsford is a posh area and yes it was a Grammar School like yours.

    Our School Hymn was “Forty Years on”. If Easteway Fliher new is stuff, he would no from wich scool this derived.

    And as for mi speling it is inpecible!

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