Rail Walks in the Knutsford Area ….

Posted on April 4th, 2011, by The Chairman

Sally writes:

“Just in time for longer days & opportunities to get out in to the beautiful Cheshire countryside, MCRUA, the CRP and Knutsford Local Area Partnership have produced a booklet of local rail walks.

Starting and finishing at railway stations there are walks at Plumley, Knutsford, Mobberley, Ashley and Chelford and all walks have excellent pubs somewhere on the walk.

The booklet is available for download here and shortly copies will be available from local libraries and other outlets.

The booklet has been produced through funding from the Lottery’s Awards For All.”

Many congratulations to Sally for putting in all the effort required in coordinating this excellent publication and to all the others involved.

Here’s a couple from Hale taking one of the last booklets left in Mobberley on Saturday 12 May

Reprint coming – see comment below ….

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  1. The Chairman Says:

    I’ve walked the Mobberley walk. It’s reasonably easy and great for a few hours or more.

    There’s lots of interest from the wildlife, sheep and cows, and our Church dating back to the 13th century to the two pubs on the route, both “dog friendly” and both good for food and refreshment.

    If you time it for the middle of the day, you should also see Emirates’ “Super Jumbo” (Airbus A380 double decker plane) arriving around 1225 and departing a few hours later. If you’re interested, check the times on arrivals/departures on the Airport’s website. It’s flight EK017 from Dubai and EK018 back to Dubai. It’s amazing how quiet the Super Jumbo is even with 515 passengers and all their luggage on board!

  2. John Kitchen Says:

    Good to see Northwich getting Harrington Humps – they will make a difference for many people and Northwich had been a problem for a long time. The humps form a low cost / low risk solution to low platforms at stations on the network not scheduled for major invsstment. Northwich presents very differently to when I started with the Mid Cheshire Partnership. I know there will always be more to do but congratulations to all who have invested, in all senses of the word in the station.

    Harrington Humps carry full ministerial approval – endorsed by the Rail Minister herself at a conference in Bristol. Immediately following the Northwich humps in Cumbria is a further hump for the other platform at Harrington followed by two more next week at Whitehaven. Then Wales gets a further 21! With a little luck we should get some more in Cumbria over the next year.

    The Minister also fully endorsed “Community Rail” tying it to the government’s big society agenda and localism.

    Regards to all and Jill and I look forward to seeing old friends on the Special Train.

  3. The Chairman Says:

    The books have just about all gone, all 10,000 of them.

    The good news is we think we’ve got funding for a reprint. Watch this space!

    I’ve added a picture above of one of the last 10 left at Mobberley on its way to Hale ….

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