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Posted on June 1st, 2011, by The Chairman

Member, Peter Kolker, tells us about an upcoming meeting in Goostrey seeking views on a topic which is open for general consultation, namely the High Speed Rail (HS2) project. There may also be a discussion on rail transport generally.

This is a Congleton Constituency Conservative Party Forum (CPF) meeting. We are assured that the CPF meetings are run on a non political basis and attendance is open to any member of the public, that they exist to discuss topics of interest and are based on subjects which are of medium and long term interest for Government policy. The discussions are based on answering a number of questions, the answers to which are fed directly to the relevant Minister.

The meeting is to be held in Goostrey Village Hall, Lounge on Thursday 9th June at 8.00pm. Briefing papers and questionnaire can be found on the HS2 Consultation website.

If you’d like to attend, please let Peter Kolker know on plkolker(at)aol.com or ring him on 01477 533834. There is no charge for attending.

Out of interest, the MCRUA Committee has not discussed a policy on HS2 as such. As none of us live in the Chilterns, perhaps the concept is a “no brainer” and in due course we’ll be turning our thoughts to the detail.

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  1. Mike Battman Says:

    There are some useful downloadable documents on HS2 available here…


    …they include some quite detailed maps of the route.
    The land take for the new Euston Station is quite enormous; the next block to the west of the current station (Ibis Hotel, etc) and the outside concourse and bus station is all eaten up.

  2. Peter Says:

    With the issues with Conservative supporters in the Chilterns not liking the HS2 route the government is said to be considering building the northern end of HS2 first to stall the building of the southern end. Of course the reason they give is nothing to do with the Chilterns but instead saying that the North is more in need of rail investment. I agree with that but we need our funding for improvements on local services first, which apparently there is only very limited funds for!

  3. Andrew Macfarlane Says:

    Last night I went to an HS2 Consultation Meeting at the Midland Hotel in Manchester hosted by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was addressed by Douglas Oakervee, Non-Executive Chairman of HS2.

    The following was said at the meeting:

    The North West has been one of the most united regions of the country in favour of HS2.

    A Government announcement about the “Y” network north of Lichfield is now due to be made next month.

    It was now about building a national network.

    The Parliamentary Bill for Phase 1 would hopefully get Royal Assent by April 2015. It would take around 16 months to get the Bill through Parliament.

    Partick McLoughlin is “fully enthusiastic” about HS2 and adamant that it will go into Scotland.

    The Crossrail workforce and its £2 billion per annum funding will transfer to HS2 when Crossrail is complete.

    As much as possible will be manufactured off-site.

    The Consultation on Phase 2 will be a big, complex exercise, which will begin in the middle of next year. The hope is that a Bill for Phase 2 will be deposited in Parliament in late 2015.

    There will be a connection between HS2 and the WCML “close to Crewe” which will be used by London-Liverpool services.

    We were told that we will like the site chosen for the HS2 station in the centre of Manchester when it is annnounced.

    There was a (too short) question-and-answer session.

    Someone asked if there would be a station on HS2 at Manchester Airport. The answer was that there is a question mark about this.

    I asked the $64,000 question as to whether the station in the centre of Manchester would be a terminus or a through station served by classic-compatible services between London and Scotland.

    I was told that some London-Scotland HS services would call at the Manchester city centre station and that others would avoid it. Make of that what you will.

    All will hopefully become clearer next month. Apparently McLoughlin still needs to talk to some city leaders about the detail.

  4. Mike Battman Says:

    Very interesting.

    Sad man that I am, I’m quite excited about this scheme and look forward to seeing the proposals next month.

    “We were told that we will like the site chosen for the HS2 station in the centre of Manchester when it is annnounced.”
    Hmm, I wonder where it’ll be, the Mayfield Station site? I can’t think of any other ‘City Centre’ site unless it all goes underground which will be extremely expensive.

  5. The Chairman Says:

    …. or round west Manchester in a big loop from the Airport to Victoria.

    This could then form the basis of a high speed line from Liverpool to Manchester, then on across the Pennines.

    This is one of the options I’ve seen.

  6. Mike Battman Says:

    If Victoria is being considered, there needs to be some joined up thinking… and fast!
    Because the proposals for the Ordsall Chord which affects Victoria has just been released, here: –
    …and the proposals for the revamp of Victoria Station, here: –
    ..and here: –

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