Mid-Cheshire “flower show” ….

Posted on June 7th, 2011, by David.Miller

The winter pansies are coming to an end in the flower boxes along the line and we are waiting for replacement geraniums. Then it will be “all hands to the planters” and extra volunteer gardeners will be very welcome.

 In the meantime, the lineside rhododendrons and other flowering shrubs are looking, and, at Mouldsworth smelling, rather nice.





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  1. Rail Officer Says:

    Volunteers have been out planting geraniums at Mouldsworth, Delamere, Greenbank & Northwich & will be planting at Lostock Gralam at 11.40 on Monday 4th July if anyone wants to help!

    We could also do with volunteers to help tidy (!) the flower(!) beds on the Manchester side at Knutsford. Knutsford in Bloom will be managing the beds from Sept onwards but in the mean time sun + rain = big weeds!

    Thank you.

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