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Posted on June 22nd, 2011, by The Chairman

Sally writes …. Saturday 25 June is England’s first ever Civic Day and civic societies across the country will be holding events to celebrate their area and keep it distinctive. Everyone is invited to join in and learn more about where they live. Added to the civic societies around the country there are other organisations coming together to celebrate achievements and their locality. Over 200 civic societies with over 350 events this is a great response for the first civic day.

Locally there are varied activities:

Hale Civic Society is flying the flag with various initiatives; working with the community and the Jabberwocks Youth Group. The day starts with litter picks and making note of the grot spots which need attention around Hale village. Clipboards and pencils at the ready to record problems. Planting of bedding plants, weeding and tidying up of flower beds. As well as the village a group will descend on Hale Barns to carry out a survey of ‘grots’ in and around the Square.

Hale Civic Society has been working closely with the businesses and together they have achieved some positive results. The Trees for Hale initiative has been a resounding success and now ready for phase 2 to be implemented with plantings and planters.

The Society Membership and Loyalty Card will be launched on this day, the result of the increasing partnership between Hale Civic Society and the business community.

In Ashley (which comes under the auspices of Hale Civic society) there will be a viewing of the society beehives and planning the community orchard.

Jabberwocks will be involved with a number of activities with the society, as well as with other organisations

On Saturday and Sunday Jabberwocks will be assisting with a tidy up at Hale Station and preparing planters for plantings plus help with the preparations for North West in Bloom.  Please come and help if you’re around.

Jabberwocks will also be aiding with an open day in connection with a local care home for young people being part of the buddy system and assisting with various local rural crafts and games.  The Big Draw and the Big Photo Shoot will also being taking place at Hale Station at 10am on the Saturday.  Focus is to be on Hale station recording and sketching parts of the station building.  The station was opened as Peel Causeway by the Cheshire Midland Railway (CMR) on 12 May 1862 when the railway opened from Altrincham to Knutsford.  The CMR was amalgamated into the Cheshire Lines Committee on 15 August 1867.  The station became Peel Causeway for Hale on 1 January 1899, and on 1 January 1902 it was renamed Hale.  Details will be available from Hale Book Shop.  Hale Civic Society and Jabberwocks are actively working with local schools to create further community links via environment, heritage, music, drama and creativity.

Oldfield Brow Primary School are involved with the Jabberwocks Manchester project which is focusing on the Altrincham area, Manchester, Lowry, Manchester Football and the history of the Bridgwater Canal.

On Altrincham Market, the market traders are holding a competition for children and young people whereby drawings, paintings and photographs of the Market Hall are encouraged.  The Market Hall {1879} being a listed building with interesting architectural structures.  The aim of the competition to provide awareness of the building, to look at it from different perspectives and produce a piece of art work or interesting photographs.
Altrincham was created a borough by a Royal charter in 1290.  The Market House was built in 1879 and is a listed building.  There is a Blue Plaque to the left of the door commemorating the origins of the market in 1290 in Old Market Place.  The glass-covered outside market was built in 1930 on the site of the Cheshire Rifle Volunteers’ Training Ground and the Saturday Market started in 1932.

On George Street, Altrincham, the Bricklayers Arms and The Orange Tree Public House at the Old Market place are developing their strong civic pride by incorporating Veterans Day, Civic Day as well as raising a toast to The Royal British Legions’ 90th Anniversary Great Poppy weekend.  Saturday and Sunday will reflect on these with music, food and dancing. Tickets, Ration Books and further information from each establishment.

Altrincham Court Leet will be raising further awareness of the Court Leet and its heritage link by working with the Altrincham Market traders to launch a heritage wall to further recognise the trading awards that are given to long serving traders.  An ale tasting at a local establishment and a trading award recognition to a local business will also take place.

At Woodend Residential and Nursing Home on Saturday 25th June there is to be a Summer Garden Party with the emphasis on bringing people together to enjoy each others company plus meet new people as well as raise monies for Cleft Palate Association.

On the 2nd July to celebrate St Peter’s Day there is to be the St Peters Hale Family Fun Day from 10.30am til 3pm with stalls, activities, music and refreshments – everyone welcome.  On Sunday 3rd July there will be a special Festival All Age Communion for St Peter’s Day with Parade at 10am St Peters Church is at the heart of Hale and is a great community event for all.

Civic Day has been organised by Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement in England.  Its President Griff Rhys Jones says:

“Civic Voice believes everyone has the right to live somewhere they can feel proud of. At this time of financial uncertainty and an increasing desire to involve local people in decision making it has never been more important for everyone to understand their local area.

“What do you want to protect? What do you want to improve? If we are going to ensure that our villages, towns and cities give everybody living in them a good quality of life, we need everyone to get involved.”

“We hope as many people as possible will join us on Civic Day. We want to celebrate the things you feel proud of and champion what’s important to our community. Enjoy the fun and share your views.”

For more information contact 07966 449497 or halecivicsociety(at) or via the Hale Civic Society website.

Details of the programme of Civic Day events being run by over 200 civic societies and other community groups across England can be found here

Civic Voice is the national charity for the civic movement in England that aims to make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive, and to promote civic pride.

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