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Northern’s new Parkeon Ticket Vending Machines ….

Posted on November 28th, 2011, by The Chairman

We’re getting ticket vending machines (TVMs) at three stations along the Mid Cheshire Line, Greenbank, Northwich and Knutsford, apparently due to increased patronage and also a change in franchise rules. We once had TVMs, Almex machines like the Permit to Travel machines seen elsewhere which only sold tickets to destinations along the line and were […]

Remember – it’s free to “Subscribe” ….

Posted on November 23rd, 2011, by The Chairman

Hitting the “Subscribe” link on the Blog page get’s the system to let you know when there’s Blog posts and comments. Many of you know this, but for those who don’t, here’s a reminder …. It’s the next to last item on the lighter green banner above. Mike Battman’s post about his trip to Dublin from the […]

“Meet the Manager” this Wednesday ….

Posted on November 21st, 2011, by The Chairman

Northern Rail managers, our Community Rail Officer, Sally Buttifant and some of us are “out and about” around Knutsford this coming Wednesday – more details in the press release. If you get a chance, come along and join one of the trains, tell us your views in Knutsford, or join them and us for a […]

North West Potential Rail Improvements – Network Rail Survey ….

Posted on November 18th, 2011, by The Chairman

With acknowledgement to STORM for this, we ask that as many of you as possible complete Network Rail’s questionnaire on the perceived benefits to you and your colleagues of the Ordsall Lane Curve, Victoria Station Improvements, Northern Hub and North West Electrification. Click here for the survey.

Skelton Junction Loop re-instated ….

Posted on November 17th, 2011, by The Chairman

The loop at Skelton Junction has been out of use for many months. This was due to track damage with replacement parts awaited. These parts were installed a few months ago, but commissioning had to await the arrival of the signalling engineers. Andrew’s noted the loop is now back in use, meaning the Saturdays only […]

Cable theft in the Acton Bridge area ….

Posted on November 15th, 2011, by David.Miller

There was an attempt to steal cable from near Acton Bridge station early this morning, 15 November. British Transport Police are appealing for information. Click here for details.

Dublin via the Mid Cheshire Line by Mike Battman ….

Posted on November 14th, 2011, by The Chairman

My wife and I have threatened to go to Dublin for a while; we’ve both been to Ireland a few times both sightseeing and fishing, but remarkably never stopped off in the capital. Anyway, whilst browsing the web one day and revisiting the essential rail travel website I stumble across the Ireland page and […]

Chester free buses end ….

Posted on November 8th, 2011, by The Chairman

We hear from various sources, including Jen on this Blog that the Chester free buses from the railway station to the city centre end on 20 November. A new service starts the following day operated by Aintree Coachlines and registered as Route 40. (In the “old days”, route c40 was from the Town Hall to […]

Northern Hub in doubt due to overspends in S E England? ….

Posted on November 4th, 2011, by The Chairman

There were worrying words from Teresa Villiers, Rail Minister at Northern Rail’s Conference in Leeds on 20 October. It seems apart from the Ordsall Curve, that the rest of the Northern Hub may be cut back or postponed due to overspends elsewhere (South East England – where else!!) It’s apparently “an expensive package”, though it’s […]

Our “New” Trains ….

Posted on November 2nd, 2011, by The Chairman

We’ve talked about the serious overcrowding in the Leeds and Manchester areas more than a few times since this Blog started. Last December we blogged about when we might see the overcrowding relieved, given the then further announcements that had been made. The cascade has started. Here’s 1986 built ex-London Midland class 150 150111 on […]