Greenbank Station Clean Up …..

Posted on December 2nd, 2011, by Vice Chairman

A team of more than 25 volunteers turned up at Greenbank Railway Station on Friday 25th November following a decision to clean up the Stations in the Northwich area.

The day was masterminded by Cheshire West and Chester’s Northwich and Rural North Partnership Team under the leadership of Area Manager, Mark Simmons with support from local Rail Officer, Sally Buttifant.

The station, which sits beside a local housing estate, has always had a fair amount of problems and the emphasis on the project was to tidy up the station so that it provides a more welcome start for those travelling by train and those visiting the Greenbank area.

There is no doubt that a clean and tidy station enhances a community and is the best promotion to get people off our congested roads and onto public transport.

Northern Rail manages the station and it is part of their corporate strategy to encourage community involvement.

But it is not just the mass of volunteers that has made this a success but the number of local bodies involved.

Volunteers at work

Those involved included, local partners and members of the Area Programme Board, Northern Rail, Cheshire West and Chester’s Streetscene, Northwich Town Council, Friends of Anderton and Marbury, Groundwork, Weaver Vale Housing Trust, Barclays Bank, Friends of Northwich Station, Cheshire Police, NHS Western Cheshire, Christ Church Greenbank and the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership.

Harry Boardman, local Northwich resident and Northern Rail appointed Community Adopter for Greenbank Station said:

“I would like to thank the Cheshire West Team for setting up this day and for motivating all those organisations to get involved. The real outcome of the day is that we have now added to our “Friends of Greenbank Station” which means the Clean Up will continue on an on-going basis. This is Good News for both the Station and for the local Community”.

John Hulme Vice Chairman of the Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association and Organiser of Cheshire Best Kept Stations said:

“I must congratulate Cheshire West’s Local Area Partnership Team and Sally Buttifant, the Local Rail Officer, for this innovative way of creative partnership working. Its outcome has been an action plan that has not only delivered but also, increased the Friends of Greenbank Station. This will ensure the good work continues.

Last year my judges were able to present Greenbank Station with our “Big Society Award”. This is what the Government’s Big Society is all about. Local volunteers contributing to their community and making a positive impact that all can enjoy. The best news is continuity. A one day clean up will not resolve Greenbank Railway Station’s long term problems but an active Friends Group will”.

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  1. Morris Minor Says:

    It is a shame that the locals dont always appreciate the work done by volunteers.
    Keep up the good work.

    What chance a sign of old, saying Hartford and Greenbank.

    Remember , this station had two different types of lettering on the totems.

  2. Black 5 Says:

    Morris. Some of the locals do appreciate the hard work done by volunteers.

    I use the station on a regular basis and it is much improved.

    I also remember the station when it was Hartford and Greenbank.

    Does anyone have an image of one of the old signs?

  3. Lord Harry of Sodor Says:

    I am surprised that Black 5 couldn’t recollect the excellent pictures in “Railways Across Mid-Cheshire” by Alan Wilkinson (Pages 66 & 67).Perhaps his tubes are blocked.Hartford and Greenbank also had seats on the platform back in the 50s and 60s.

  4. Black 5 Says:

    O What a Picture. What a Photograph as Tommy Steel would say but no Black 5. A Duchess perhaps says the late Jimmy Savile.

    Note the small boy with the three wheeler bike on the way to the City of Manchester.

    I would recommend the late Alan Wilkinson’s book on Railways Across Mid Cheshire to the Chairmans Blog readers. I knew Alan very well as we both learnt Latin at the same school – the Winsford College of Knowledge.

    The dream of course … or do they say “objective” these days … is to have every station on the Mid Cheshire Line back to looking like the photos in Alans’s book.

    Perhaps Lord Harry could bring this up in the “other chamber” when he is next down in London or indeed with his local MP – if he has any money in his exchequer!

  5. Morris Minor Says:

    I think we might struggle with Lostock Gralam.
    Shame really, as it was a good example of CLC style.

    I must contact Lord Harry of Sodor, for details of this ancient manuscript,

    Talking about a Duchess, did any of these fine locos ever run along the line ,pre 1968.

  6. Lord Harry of Sodor Says:

    Unike some of the other stations on the line Lostock Gralam also had four cottages built on the platform close to the main station building.Sadly they have all gone now.
    The Duchess’s ran in 1960 on the Mid Cheshire Line. After 1958 they were allowed between Middlewich and Northwich and this included the famous Euston – Glasgow “Royal Scot”.
    I will consider bringing up the renovating of stations to their former state in the “other chamber” as suggested by Black 5 but not with my local MP as I suspect he doesn’t appreciate that the beautifully scenic Mid Cheshire Line runs through the middle of his constituency.

  7. Cimic of Lostock Says:

    Do not knock Lostock Gralam – it has vastly improved over the last few months.

    The ancient manuscript is available via Amazon. One there at £105. Perhaps Lord Harry may consider selling his copy to you at a similar price.

    Fantastic publication. Indeed priceless.

  8. Lord Harry of Sodor Says:

    I think Cimic of Lostock has misinterpreted the articles. Nobody was knocking Lostock Gralam station just commenting on how it has changed over the years.
    Some excellent work and time has been put in there this year to date, and which will continue into 2012 and beyond, by both the Community Rail Officer Sally Buttfant, MCRUA (including myself), Northern Rail (Chris Ingham) and Network Rail. There are two nice new shelters which will keep people dry when waiting for a train, unfortunately the shelters have suffered some vandalism recently but this will be rectified. Some artwork has been displayed and the grass banking improved. A much improved car parking and turning area has also been provided. There are more improvements to come in conjunction with the CWAC Northwich and Rural Area Partnership Board led by Mark Simmons.

    My ancient manuscrift has now been removed from the Cheshire Railways bookshelf and put into a safe until such time as I need to sell it to keep me warm in winter now that the Government have reduced my winter fuel payment.

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