8 December is BTP’s first day of Christmas ….

Posted on December 12th, 2011, by David.Miller

On the first day of Christmas British Transport Police gave to me – a warning about personal safety.

As Christmas approaches more and more people will be heading out to celebrate the festive season with friends and family.  Now December is upon us, Christmas parties will start in earnest and British Transport Police in the North West is calling on all revellers using the railway to be sensible and stay safe.

Superintendent Pete Mason said: “Everyone wants to enjoy Christmas and the festivities that go with it – this often includes going out to parties and drinking alcohol. 

“We certainly don’t want to tell people not to enjoy themselves, but we are asking everyone to think carefully about their nights out and to drink and behave responsibly.

“When you have had too much alcohol your judgement can be impaired and you may take risks that, when sober, you would never consider.

“Similarly, alcohol lowers inhibitions and behaviour which you would normally see as inappropriate may, in a drunken state, seem acceptable. This is not the case and those sharing the train carriage with you will certainly not be impressed.”

But it is not just the behaviour of those who have had a drink that raises concerns.  Supt Mason added: “Excessive alcohol can make people extremely vulnerable – judgement and co-ordination is impaired and any prospective thief looking for an easy target may well seek out those who have had too much to drink.

“British Transport Police across the North West will be running operations throughout December to make rail staff and passengers as safe as possible this Christmas, but we need the public to help limit opportunities for criminals.

“My advice is quite simple. Keep your wits about you when out at Christmas. By all means have a drink and enjoy yourself, but do so responsibly and always be aware of your surroundings and your belongings.
“If you have had a drink, consider how your behaviour impacts on other people and try to ensure that your enjoyable night out is not ruining that of others.”

British Transport Police in the North West has launched its 12 Days of Christmas initative to keep people as safe as possible on the rail network this festive season.  Each week day between now and 23 December BTP will provide advice and reassurance to rail staff and passengers and will outline the work being done to tackle criminality on the rail network in the region.  Special Christmas operations are in place in the following areas:


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  1. David Miller Says:

    On the second day of Christmas, BTP’s warning couldn’t possibly apply to the kind of people who read our blog, could it? But what about their children? Whose children were on Cuddington station on Sunday afternoon, having a smoke in the shelter and then running across the tracks? See http://www.btp.presscentre.com/Media-Releases/ON-THE-SECOND-DAY-OF-CHRISTMAS-BTP-GAVE-TO-ME-17fe.aspx for BTP’s message.

  2. David Miller Says:

    On the third day of Christmas, BTP have a message for football supporters at http://www.btp.presscentre.com/Media-Releases/ON-THE-THIRD-DAY-OF-CHRISTMAS-BTP-GAVE-TO-ME-1808.aspx

  3. David Miller Says:

    We think stations on the Mid-Cheshire Line are pretty safe, but there is no point in making it easy for criminals. On the fourth day of Christmas, BTP have some advice for motorists who park at stations: “Thieves will often target vehicles left at stations because they believe the owners may be away for some time…
    See http://www.btp.presscentre.com/Media-Releases/ON-THE-FOURTH-DAY-OF-CHRISTMAS-BTP-GAVE-TO-ME-180d.aspx

  4. David Miller Says:

    In their fifth Christmas message, BTP are reinforcing their campaign to reduce misuse of level crossings.
    See http://www.btp.presscentre.com/Media-Releases/ON-THE-FIFTH-DAY-OF-CHRISTMAS-BTP-GAVE-TO-ME-181c.aspx

  5. David Miller Says:

    The Mid-Cheshire Line is popular with cyclists, especially young people. However, cycles are popular with thieves. On the sixth day of Christmas BTP gave to me – six tips for cyclists.
    See http://www.btp.presscentre.com/Media-Releases/ON-THE-SIXTH-DAY-OF-CHRISTMAS-BTP-GAVE-TO-ME-181d.aspx

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