Winsford deserves more ….

Posted on December 30th, 2011, by The Chairman

Winsford has a bit of a haphazard service to Liverpool, better than some years ago, but still not hourly.  Daytime direct departures are 0610, 0641, 0705, 0743, 0805, 0906, 1106, 1306, 1406, 1506, 1706.  Some big gaps.

Coming back from Liverpool departures are 1134, 1334, 1434, 1534, 1704, 1804, 1834, 1934, 2034, 2134, 2234 & 2234.  Hourly would be so much better.

Here on 28 December is the crowd awaiting the arrival of the 1106 to Liverpool.

Waiting for the 1106 at Winsford - (c) John Harris

Virgin were a little bit late, seen here passing at 125mph as intending passengers crowd up to and over the yellow line.

Virgin zoom past - (c) John Harris

Followed by the 1106.

The 1106 arrives - (c) John Harris

An hourly service with extras in the peaks would be so much better.

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  1. Harry Boardman Says:

    All 3 of the stations Winsford, Hartford and Acton Bridge deserve a better service, not just on weekdays but also at weekends. In fact the Winsford/Hartford timings on Sunday are hourly but Acton Bridge has no Sunday service.
    Along with a number of other improvements required at both Hartford and Acton Bridge the service provided by London Midland has been identified by Northwich & Rural North APB Environment & Transport sub-group as being in need of a revamp to meet today’s needs. To progress thess improvements a joint meeting along with MCRUA is to be arranged in the near future with London Midland. If anybody has anything they wish us to bring up at such a meeting please let us know.

  2. Jen Says:

    LM applied to give Hartford an improved service but the plans were rejected, although they’ve been invited to reapply when the timetable for the next West Coast franchise is known. Hartford would have got an hourly Preston service calling at Warrington and Wigan and an hourly stopper to London in addition to hourly Liverpool and Birmingham services, if the plans had been improved.

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