Chemnitz goes for bi-mode tram-trains ….

Posted on August 17th, 2012, by The Chairman

German city, Chemnitz, is developing a tram-train network with bi-mode diesel and electric tram-trains running from the overhead wires on the city’s tram system and onto regional railway lines to nearby towns and villages using their diesel engines.

More details are in The Railway Gazette.

These three routes form the first stage of a five-phase programme to develop a 226 km network of light rail services around Chemnitz by 2020.

N.B. Vossloh was also recently appointed as the manufacturer of the tram-trains being built for the heavily-delayed UK trial which is now to run between Sheffield and Rotherham.


Here’s the picture of the Braunschweig tram and dual 1100mm/Standard Gauge tracks mentioned in John Murray’s comment, below.

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  1. John Murray Says:

    German railway media reports that the contract price for the 8 bi-mode tram trains for Chemnitz is €42.3m (£34m)

    I have translated it into English:

    Vossloh provides light rail to Chemnitz

    The Transport Authority of Central Saxony (VMS) announced on Tuesday that it has ordered dual-system vehicles for the Chemnitz Network. The first vehicles will be delivered in 2014. The contract was awarded to a consortium of Kiepe GmbH and Vossloh España SA: given (short Vossloh). Vossloh offered the most cost-effective solutuion that meets the requirements of ZVMS. The order for the first eight vehicles amounted to €42.3 million, and provides an option for a further two vehicles. The purchase of the vehicles was only possible with the financial support of the Free State of Saxony.

    The Saxon State Ministry of Economy, Labour and Transport (SMWA) applied to the ERDF programme (European Regional Development Fund) for assistance in the purchase and the scheme was included in the Operational Programme of ERDF funding. In total the EDRF will fund more than €31 million while the state bears the balance of almost €11 million.

    The hybrid vehicles will be used on the Chemnitz – Burgstädt, Chemnitz – Mittweida and Chemnitz – Hainichen im Rahmen lines which form stage 1 of the Chemnitz network. They are bi-mode electro-diesel tram-trains which can operate on the railway network as well as trams in the city of Chemnitz.

    The vehicles ordered are part of the “City Link Family” by Vossloh which have been specially adapted to the requirements of Chemnitz. The vehicles will have a top speed of 100 km / h. The 37-metre air-conditioned bi-directional vehicles have 94 seats and are fitted with air suspension to provide a high level of comfort for passengers. The final specifications of the vehicles remains to be resolved.

  2. John Murray Says:

    I’ve also learned just that that city of Braunchweig in Germany is to purchase electro-diesel tram trains.

    Work is underway to adapt the city system tracks, which are presently an unusual 1100mm gauge, to dual gauge by adding another rail to the existing tracks as shown towards the end of the post, above. This will allow standard gauge tram-trains to operate alongside the narrow gauge city trams.

    Their preferable traction are the latest version of the Alstom bi-mode tram-trains used in Kassel.

    2014 is the current estimated start date.

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