TfGM’s South Manchester Rail Routes Market Analysis and the Mid Cheshire line ….

Posted on August 19th, 2012, by The Chairman

Last November, TfGM published the first in a series of reports analysing the rail routes travel market in segments of the Manchester City Region – TfGM South Manchester Rail Routes – Market Analysis. Our line is referred to in this report as “The Northwich line”.

I wrote a critique – Critique of Nov 2011 TfGM Report – copying it to MCRUA committee members and also to members of the Community Rail Partnership (MCCRP), and was asked to present it to the following MCCRP meeting.

Following discussion at the CRP meeting, Stephen Clark, Bus and Rail Director at TfGM asked to meet with me and CRP members to discuss the TfGM report and my critique.

We had a useful and constructive meeting on 24 July.

Stephen noted that the South Manchester Rail Routes Analysis was the first of a series they had produced, with those subsequently in the series being produced to a different style. TfGM did not have the resource at this stage to rewrite the South Manchester report into the later style, but would produce a response to my critique such that my critique and their response could be published on the Web through the MCRUA website – TfGM Mid Cheshire Letter 31072012. This includes a very helpful comparison both of services immediately prior to the December 2008 timetable changes and also of those running in 1987.

Stephen Clark has invited CRP members to join TfGM in the creation of a working group to consider a Mid Cheshire Rail Strategy, this to start in the next few months. Great news!

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  1. Jen Says:

    The original TfGM report does read like it’s been written by people who sit at desks all day looking at statistics and don’t go out and actually use the train themselves.

    I imagine TfGM see their priority as providing for the residents of Greater Manchester but they do seem to overlook the fact that many people resident in Trafford, Sale and Didsbury work in Cheshire and some of them rely on public transport to get to work. I worked at a company in Knutsford employing around 20 people of which around 1/3 lived in Greater Manchester and around half of those used public transport every day and the other half used a mixture of public transport and car, none of them relied on the car every day. If the frequency of public transport was better and quality of vehicles used were better then it could well have been that would have all used public transport every day.

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