The Zone Café becomes “THE bean” ….

Posted on August 28th, 2012, by The Chairman

Toni has retired from doing a great job running the café at The Zone in Northwich. A shame, but at 72 he’s allowed!!

And Gemma’s taken over, renaming it “THE bean”….

Here’s a butty coming for lunch ….

…. to a nice comfy chair ….

Gemma’s not only looking for the trade that comes from those using the train and those visiting The Zone internet facility at Northwich Station, but is also providing a take out service with a difference.

She loves cakes.

And, believe me, she’s very good at making them!

She also provides an outside catering service, and especially home made cakes and sandwiches.

Next time you’re on or near Northwich Station, drop in for some refreshment.

I bet you can’t avoid a cake!

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  1. Community Rail Officer Says:

    I’ve not tried the cakes but the sandwiches are excellent!

  2. vince chadwick Says:

    Has The Bean closed? I hopped of a train recently, tried the door from the platform into the cafe but it was locked. I just had time to hop back aboard before the guard dispatched!

  3. The Chairman Says:

    Hi, Vince,

    I think it was closed around 2 years ago, we heard as Chester West & Chester Council wanted to expand the learning centre into the area occupied by the cafe.

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