TfGM consider Tram-Train for Mid Cheshire line ….

Posted on September 16th, 2012, by The Chairman

Here’s a Report TfGM put together for its Capital Projects & Policy Sub-committee on 21 September 2012 – Item_10_Medium_Term_Rail_Development_-_FINAL1

Note the references to the development of services along the Mid Cheshire line in section 9. The report referred to in 9.3 is the one Michael Ross and I put together.

The process towards developing medium and longer-term business plans for the line of route starts at a meeting on 1 October. I will be representing MCCRP.

We look forward to these plans developing.

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  1. Vince Chadwick Says:

    When I were a lad we had six coach electric trains between Manchester and Altrincham, and they ran pretty full at peak times (I used them to travel from Brooklands to Altrincham to get to school in the ’60s). There were also regular DMUs running between Manchester (Central) and Chester via Sale and Altrincham.

    Has returning the Manchester – Altrincham line to heavy rail been considered?

  2. Charles Frankland Says:

    I understand that the plan may be to keep a conventional train service as well as the tram-train and also that people would like to see a connection to Middlewich/Crewe. Therefore, the question is which vehicle should run on which route? For me (living in Mouldsworth) I would like to see the tram-train run from Chester as this is the commuter route for both Chester and Manchester and picks up the Greenbank and Cuddington traffic.

  3. Edd Says:

    In my opinion which does an all-stations and which does a semi-fast should depend on a number of factors:
    1. Will the tram-train have bike spaces and toilets? If not then replacing the train with a tram-train at the rural stations could be a disadvantage.
    2. What is the demand like for Stockport at the rural stations compared to the demand for Metrolink stops like Old Trafford?
    3. Where the tram-train terminates. If it doesn’t continue beyond Greenbank then Mouldsworth will have to remain heavy rail only.

  4. Nick Jones Says:

    I too used to travel over the MSJ&A in the 60’s frequently from Sale to Altincham and to Manchester. The service was every 20 mins off-peak and a very frequent 6 car service in the peak. The 1931 1,500 volts DC electric units were very powerful covering all stations Altrincham to Oxford Road in 20 mins. In 1971 the line was converted to 25,000 volts AC with a 15 minute interval service provided by slower and heavier trains. Patronage dipped severly during the late 70’s and into the 80’s and coupled to the cost of maintenance of heavy rail infrastructure the line was ripe for conversion to tramway status. Conversion back to heavy rail really is not a realistic option now.

  5. Mike Battman Says:

    I don’t think this document has been publicised on here before…
    Navigation Road on the front page!!

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