Swaying along with The Jaywalkers (on a Pacer) ….

Posted on October 7th, 2012, by The Chairman

Mike Ross writes:

Never before has the Pacer’s famous swaying motion been put so well to musical effect!

The Jaywalkers managed it with ‘No me tacos’ on the Music Train from Plumley last Wednesday evening, swaying to the music and even encouraging their audience to sway along with them. It was one of the highlights of virtuoso performances on mandolin (Mike) and fiddle (Jay) on the way from Chester to Plumley, at the Golden Pheasant and on the way home to Chester.

Along the line we heard ‘Rubens Train’ (with train effects), ‘It Takes a Worried Man’ (with the audience singing along), Django Reinhardt, ‘Lady be Good’ and much more – even ‘Happy Birthday’ – bluegrass-style as we arrived at Mouldsworth.

And their singing is as exciting as their playing – look for their CD (‘Early for a Thursday’) on Amazon or iTunes.

An excellent evening out – both on the train and at the pub.

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  1. The Chairman Says:

    Now with photos! ….

    Thanks, Sally.

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