MCRUA Blog passes 60,000 hits ….

Posted on December 22nd, 2012, by The Chairman

Who’d have thought when John Hulme came up with the idea of this Blog back in October 2009 that a blog primarily about the lines in Mid Cheshire would in 3 years get over 60,000 hits. But it has!

As I post this we’ve just passed 62,000. Since we started we’ve put up 366 posts and received 1,021 comments.

The most hits on one day was 284 on 1 June 2012 when we posted – Olympic Torch rides the Mid Cheshire line!!….

Prior to that the busiest day was on 30 March 2011 with – We’ve got the Hump!….

The busiest month so far has been April 2012.

Surprisingly, the post with the most hits has been Northern’s Green trains go Blue!…. I wonder how many people realised it related to Northern repainting the 30 year old class 150s that had been transferred up to Northern from London Midland!

Here’s our top 20 in reverse order to keep you amused over the festive season ….

20. Passenger figures show healthy increases ….
19. Updated Middlewich Rail Link Campaign website launched ….
18. Mouldsworth gets the “Alliance” treatment ….
17. Mid Cheshire line Scholar Season Tickets launched for 2012/2013 ….
16. Navigation Road Level Crossing – is this your experience? ….
15. Mobberley’s new level crossing barrier equipment ….
14. Ffestiniog Round Robin valid from the Mid Cheshire line ….
13. Three Awards and we get Government backing ….
12. Tram-train on the Mid Cheshire line – a proposal ….
11. Dublin via the Mid Cheshire line by Mike Battman ….
10. Our new Parkeon Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) ….
9. Manchester Airport Metrolink – works at Baguley Rail Bridge on Southmoor Road ….
8. Trains swamped, passengers unable to board ….
7. Tram-trains in Kassel by John Murray ….
6. Fare dodging not helping overcrowding ….
5. Merseyrail – the Single that’s much, much more! ….
4. Ugly buses ….
3. Unit failures seem to be rising ….
2. Olympic Torch rides the Mid Cheshire line!! ….
1. Northern’s Green trains go Blue ….

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Very Best Wishes for the Festive Season from all of us at MCRUA and the Community Rail Partnership, and here’s to happy, healthy and even more successful New Year!

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