Metrolink real-time information system still not working at Altrincham! ….

Posted on January 4th, 2013, by The Chairman

Those of us changing onto Metrolink trams at Altrincham will know that the real-time information departure displays installed over 3 years ago are still boarded up with plywood.

Very frustrating!

The dispute over the costs of the system has progressed to the courts with an interim ruling given recently by Mr Justice Akenhead. There’s a useful article about the background to this sorry story in The Manchester Evening News.

It looks like the plywood could be there for some time yet ….

Thanks to a member for spotting this in last night’s MEN

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  1. Mike Battman Says:

    Must admit I’m getting fed up with the MEN printing anti-Metrolink stories, there seems to be one every two or three days. Their ‘sensationalising’ of stories makes The Sun appear like a broadsheet. There is a much more informative/balanced coverage of the same story on the BBC website here…

    Having said that, Thales are having significant problems with the Tram Management System (TMS) and are in contractual arguments with TfGM; but most of the problems have so far been deemed to be Thales’ fault. As I understand the first half of the £42m claim is settled and Thales were awarded £700,000; if the second half is awarded in similar fashion they will get a total of £1.4m. A long way short of MEN’s sensationalist £42m.

    So to sum up court pretty much comes down in TfGM favour on almost every issue of contention so far.

  2. Jen Says:

    Looking at the figures given Thales have only been paid £7.8m of a £22m contract by TfGM and a 4 year time frame is mentioned. The case is currently being examined by an independent adjudicator who has ruled that Thales are due an extra £0.7m for TfGM failings. It’s not clear exactly what that £0.7m is for. Given they are owed £14.2m by TfGM and 4 years has elapsed that could be simply interest due on the late payment.

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